7 things no one tells you about being pregnant in

Jola had just won a game of cards with her colleagues in the office and jumped off her chair in jubilation.

But she suddenly paused mid air as a feeling of dread crept over her. Hurriedly excusing herself, she rushed to the ladies room.

The 5-month pregnant advertising executive had just peed on herself while jubilating over her card victory.

It would go on to happen again if she sneezed, laughed too hard or made any sudden move during her pregnancy.

This is just one of the many realities pregnant women are dealt with.

What’s more, in most cases they’re completely unprepared for the changes or the conflict of emotions that come.

Here are 7 things one can't ever be fully prepared to deal with while pregnant.

1. An itchy belly: As a baby grows in it’s mother’s belly, the skin stretches to accommodate the growing child. This stretch usually causes the stomach to sometimes get unbearably itchy. So the next time you see a pregnant woman reaching beneath her cloth to scratch her belly, bear with her.

2. The growths… and losses: While some women experience incredible hair/nail growth and smooth glowing skin during pregnancy, others experience severe hair loss. Many others suddenly develop skin issues - its not uncommon to find someone who used to have clear, bright skin suddenly break out in pimples, or light skinned women suddenly becoming dark.

3. The body change: Social media may have glamourised “post baby-bods” but the reality is that many women’s bodies never recover from a pregnancy. For some it’s their sagging breasts and for others it’s the bulging stomach that just refuses to back to being flat. There's also the backaches and general body soreness that can come with being pregnant.

4. The swollen anus: Many pregnant women suffer constipation during pregnancy, while for others its hemorrhoids. In either case, many pregnant women have to deal with a swollen anus which can be very uncomfortable.

5. A heightened sense of smell: This goes without saying. Pregnant women more often than not have a heightened sense of smell which in many cases makes them react irritably to certain smells - both pleasant and unpleasant.

6. Post-partum depression: This is a very real issue that many women suffer in silence. The loneliness even in the midst of company, the mixed emotions about the child and the weight that comes with the realisation that one's life has changed forever. Indeed, many women go through a period of great depression after childbirth while others don't get to bond with their children immediately until time goes on.

7. The wave of emotions: With the level of changes and hormones a pregnant woman has, it’s not unusual for them to become an emotional roller coaster. Happy one minute, paranoid and irritable the next, many women are never really fully prepared for this emotional change and it can sometimes take a toll on their relationship with their partners.