Muslim faithful have started the 30-day Ramadan fast and President Muhammadu Buhari is wishing them well, as they engage in this important time in the yearly life of every Muslim. 

There are seven things that the President wants Muslims and indeed all Nigerians to keep to heart at a period like this. 

1. Inner Purification.

President Muhammadu Buhari wants Nigerians to be more committed to purifying their inner self, this time their heart. 

A lot has happened between January and now in Nigeria, from the killing on New Year's Day in Rivers State to that in Benue and other attacks by Boko Haram terrorists and them herdsmen.

These are acts that come from the mind of individuals and the President wants Nigerians to strive for inner purification at a period of fasting and prayer. 

2. Self-accountability

Lack of accountability has been identified as one reason Nigeria has continued to lag behind in terms of development. Finances have been embezzled and government after government has continued to perform below the expectation of the people. 

Now, President Buhari wants Nigerians to understand that  fasting is not just merely meant to stay hungry or thirsty, but an opportunity to strive for self-accountability. 

3. Inculcate Righteousness

Righteousness is what makes a nation stand out and that is contained in the scriptures. This is what President Buhari wants Nigerians to rededicate their lives to God while they fast. 

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“It is meant to inculcate righteousness,” he says.  

4. Inculcate discipline

Another thing that the President wants Nigerians to revive in this Ramadan period is disciple, without which no nation moves forward. 

Lawlessness, killings, impunity, lack of regard for court orders and poor waste disposal attitude are some of the evidences of indiscipline in Nigeria and sometimes it appears most Nigerians are involved in one or two acts of indiscipline. The President wants Nigerians to use the Ramadan as a time to restore discipline and decide to abide by the laws of the land. 

"It is meant to inculcate discipline," he emphasised. 

5. Increase Love For Humanity

It is a period to show love to humanity and the president wants Muslim faithful to have this at heart while they fast and pray.

He calls on Muslims and all Nigerians to always remember men and women who are less fortunate than themselves and to help the government in confronting the challenges facing the nation. 

He reminded them that love for humanity will ensure that nation moves forward. 

6. Act Of Charity

President Buhari, who is also a Muslim stressed that Ramadan was a period for acts of charity, kindness, generosity and gratitude.

He says the Holy Prophet Muhammad used to spend very generously on the poor and the needy during this period, and urges Muslims in the country and all over the world to copy the good example.

7. Be grateful

Gratitude has been identified as one thing that gladdens the heart and makes anyone who receives it do more for the one that has showed such gratitude. This is why the President wants Muslim faithful to be gratitude to God for life and other good things of life that they have received. 

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These seven demands were made by the President in a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, issued just as Muslims begin the Remadan. 

The President prays Allah to grant all Muslims the strength to successfully complete the fasting period.

Ramadan Kareem