2018 is the year of Shaku Shaku.

It’s everywhere - on radio, TVs, blogs, on your phone, at the barber’s shop, it can't be escaped.

This type of music is characterized by an uptempo beat, vain production, rhythmic lyrics, and chants. It also has particular street slangs that are used in the songs.

From Slimcase, Mr Real, Idowest, Obadice to other musicians who are plugging into the sound and the movement, you hear these slangs being used.

Bounce News brings to you 7 of the most used slangs and their meanings.

1. Osha Pra Pra/Osha Pran Pran

Everything is Osha pra pra.

Tee Blaq used it in the song of the same title, and Slimcase used it in Idowest's  ''Omo Shepeteri.''
While Osha pra pra means quality lifestyle or something that is of high quality, some people say it is the street name of a certain 'Yahoo boy', before it evolved into a street slang.

2. Shepeteri

Idowest made this word popular in the Shaku Shaku movement.

Even if you haven’t heard Idowest’s song, “Shepeteri,” which featured Slimcase, you must have heard someone say the slang.

Shepeteri is basically a replacement for the original shaku shaku (slay queens) - awon omo shepeteri.

3. Cache

One main theme in Shaku Shaku songs is 'Yahoo Yahoo' (internet scam). Artistes give shout outs to Yahoo boys, and talk about them.

Chache is a word used to describe the illicit activities of Yahoo boys.

It started out when CDQ used it in his hit song titled ''Indomie'', then it changed to shashe  in 9ice's ''Living Things'', where he  sang “Awon te mi n shashe.”

It was also called “Chache” by rapper Oladips, but it has evolved to “cache” (pronounced Ka-che).

4.Oja Ti Burst

“Burst” itself is a yahoo terminology, which is usually used when the scammer has failed in his scheme.

To be more precise, when the person who is being scammed has paid money into the Yahoo boys bank account, but the bank counters such a counterfeit transaction he tells you “account yen ti burst.”

That’s where this slang gets its origins.

''Oja ti burst'' means “things have fallen apart,” “an error has occurred,” and anything along that line.

5. Oshozondi

We have DJ Sidez’s hit “Oshozondi” to credit for this slang.

Just like many other Shaku Shaku slangs, the song which also featured other musicians who have pushed the movement made Oshozondi very popular.

It means 'ballers' or people who know how to show off and are large spenders.

6. Saka Manje

When you say something and someone shouts “Sakamanje,” it means the person thinks you are not telling the truth.

Saka Manje is a term for a “big lie,” or “big liar,” depending on how it’s used, and it’s now popular on the street.

It was made popular by Seriki who has a song with a title ''Saka Manje'', and it featured Reminisce.

7. Legbegbe

This song was made popular by Mr Real, and is one of the founding songs of the Shaku Shaku movement.

 ‘Legbegbe’ when literally translated means  ''side by side''.

It’s a slang for when people stand by your side to pick your pocket. They stand ''side by side'' with you, and then your ‘iPhone’ disappears.

It can also be a blanket term for everything shady. When someone says "bobo yen ma se e legbegbe," it means "that guy is being very shady."

Welcome to the streets.