Child abuse is on the increase, with more cases of sexual molestation being reported.

Abuse could be physical, sexual or psychology mistreatment of innocent children by adults.

Sometimes, children go through abuse without people around them seeing the signs.

The Head of Lagos State Child Protection Unit, Modupe Adebambo, says these signs would be very helpful in understanding and caring for an abused child.  

1. Depression - this occurs when children and psychologically oppressed and deliberately tortured because of their perceived weakness and dependence.

2. Anxiety disorders - this occurs often in teenagers. They tend to work beyond the usual Adrenalin levels pumping in their veins. They are worried something will always go wrong when they are involved. 

3. Low self-esteem - the continuous literal abuse of a child could affects their confidence. They tend to react a lot to what is being said about their personalities and hide away from facing problems.

4. Aggressive behaviour - fathers shouting at their children should be careful. Your aggressive loud voice can affect the behaviour of your children. Children also exposed to aggressive programs with foul language could also act in this unacceptable manner.

5. Suicide - some children tend to face the extreme end of depression, thinking about ending one's life can affect and sharing such crazy thoughts with children could be addictive.

6. Dissociation - keeping children in-doors forms part of anti-social behaviour. Children should be allow to run and play with their peers outside in a safe and monitored environment.

7. Eating disorder - children starved or forced to eat certain meals against their will could become quite irrational at meal times.

Mrs Adebambo also said that any child with such attitudes should be asked questions appropriately and be treated with love while being encouraged to speak out.

She further requested that the government should engage parents and teachers in finding lasting solutions to the high rates of child abuse in Nigeria.

She, however, warned physical, emotional, sexual abusers to desist from such act as the perpetrator would be punished severely.