As much as many Nigerians think about the risk that dispatch riders face, most of their worries are centred around the risk of getting knocked down by vehicles as they manoeuvre on the highway to meet their schedule.

Never was the risk of getting killed by blood-seeking ritualists considered as part of the risks they face.

But the incident in Port Harcourt opened people's eyes to the reality.

The Jumia dispatch man had taken items that were ordered by the individual to deliver to him, not knowing he was also in danger of another plan that the receiver had – killing him for rituals.

After the incident was reported on March 28, safety of dispatch riders has become necessary.

Here are a few things that dispatch riders and the company that employ them can do to ensure their safety.

1.       Do a little research about the location's crime history.

2.       Alert the police if you feel you could be in danger.

3.       Insist on delivering items outside the gate of the compound.

4.       Become suspicious when more than one person comes to the gate to pick up an item.

5.       Company should provide electric shock guns that the rider could use.

6.       Use the electric gun only when you see signs you are in danger and call the police when you are in a safe place.

7.       Having a reasonable Marshal Art training is not a bad idea.

These are necessary to ensure they are safe while they make sure items get to the owners safe too.