It may be wet in Nigeria now, but it's still the "summer holiday" - that time of the year when children are home for the long holiday, and people of means jet off to exotic locations for vacation.

Over time, overseas destinations have been the preferred vacation spot for Nigerians.

That's however changing as the Nigerian tourism industry is gradually witnessing a boom - thank you recession.

So, are you considering travelling somewhere on holiday? Or perhaps you need a quick break from the hustle and bustle of every day life?

Here are 7 locations in Nigeria you can consider spending the summer break.

1. Lagos: yes, Lagos because it's not the Centre of Excellence for nothing. There are several fun vacation worthy activities one can get up to in Lagos. You can visit one of the numerous beaches in the state including Takwa Bay which can only be accessed via boat, visit the Nike Art Gallery and swing by Freedom Park for fish/chips and some cool live music. You can also just enjoy a boat ride round the city or head to Terra Kulture for a dose of theatre. Indeed, the options are limitless for anyone opting to holiday in Lagos.

2. Badagry: though Badagry is in Lagos, it deserves an entire column of its own as it is a town filled with history. Located on the outskirts of the state and sharing border with Benin Republic, Badagry offers culture, history and clear white beaches. So what exactly is worth checking out in this coastal town? Nigeria's first storey building, slave trade relics and of course a sip of fresh coconut water.

3. Enugu: if you're looking for a quiet town with a dose of history and some good food, then Enugu is the place to visit. The National Museum of Unity with its relics from the civil war, the Awhum Waterfall and Caves, and the Udi Hills are just some of the places one can explore. Also, what's a vacation without some street food? Okpa and abacha are just some delicacies any visitor to the state are encouraged to try.

4. Bauchi: if you've been looking for a chance to explore the north, then Bauchi state with its Yankari Game Reserve and the stunning Wikki Warm Spring is the perfect stop. 

5. Ado-Ekiti: another ideal spot for a quick getaway, this tranquil place boasts of the incredible Ikogosi warm-springs in which cold and hot water meet in the most spectacular way. Also worth checking out are the Olosunta and Orole hills. Plus, what's a holiday in Ekiti without a hot plate of iyan (pounded yam)?

6. Osun: from the Erin-Ijesha waterfall to the Osun-Osogbo sacred grove, there's plenty for nature/history lovers to get up to in Osun state. Ile-Ife, which is widely regarded as the cradle of the Yorubas is also worth exploring. Also, if you're a fan of festivals, then you're in luck as the Osun-Osogbo festival is ongoing running from 7th - 18th of August.

7. Cross River: there's no way the tourism capital of Nigeria wasn't ending up on our list. Cross River in many regards is a one-stop destination offering history, culture, sights and the best part - great food. A visit to Obudu Cattle Ranch is highly recommended plus a taste of one of the many delicacies. Also worthy of mention are the Slave museum, Cross River National Park and Kwa Waterfalls to name a few.

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