How safe is the lubricant you use for your vehicle?

It could appear that getting a good one now depends on luck.

According to Standard Organisation of Nigeria, SON over 70% of the lubricants in Nigerian market failed the quality parameters of the Nigerian Industrial Standard.

This startling revelation was made by the Director-General, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, Osita Aboloma.

Worried about the influx of substandard lubricants into the Nigerian market, the agency announced that it was collaborating with manufacturers and dealers of lubricants to stamp out substandard products in the sector.

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Indeed, the standards body stressed the urgent need to checkmate the emerging trend of faking and cloning of successful brands so as not to short-change the unsuspecting Nigerian consumers while also preventing a drain on the Nigerian economy.

The SON boss, during an emergency meeting with stakeholders in the lubricant industry, said the development was a cause of worry to the agency.

He said: “The meeting was as a result of the persistent complaints from the consumers on the effect of the influx of substandard and adulterated engine oil that has led to the failure of machineries that are used in manufacturing.

“The products are life-threatening and create a drain on the economy. After our nationwide campaign of fighting substandard lubricants, we had to let dealers know that what we have seen is not satisfactory while also having a workable partnership to see how we can combat the menace.”

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