The people are ready, but the Independent National Electoral (INEC) is not.

While Nigerians prepare and pose with their PVCs, INEC had consistently allowed its office to burn with materials including sensitive items for the polls.

There was no apology even from the electoral body for the extra expenses that this postponement may cost some Nigerians. 

Mahmood Yakubu dropped it as it was and now people are displeased in one way or the other. 

The postponement of the general election has shown how porous Nigeria's laws and system are and the need of something to be done to guide against sort of adverse effect that it could cause. 

There are always implications for every decision that anyone makes in life including organisations like the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). 

This one will have implications and there are listed here. 

1. Colossal Loss Of Finance For Nigerians, Observers, Media and Others

The nation will lose about a billion naira on Saturday to the postponement.

Some Nigerians will be lamenting over the postponement of the election and this is because of the fact that the terrible nature of the electoral system has made it possible for the situation to occur.

Observers that had come in from other nations and had booked hotels for a specific time will still bear their own burden.

The man who had cancelled a deal because Saturday was election has lost the profit ('sara').

2. Campaign To Resume Again

Now that the elections have been postponed, will campaign resume again?

This will be the decision of the contestants to take we suppose considering how much money is still available to sustain campaigns for one more week. 

The coming days will show. 

3. Economy Shutdown Again 

There are tendencies that people may have traveled out of their state and may have had a plan to stay till the end of elections before they return. 

These movements may have added money in the pockets of the transporters, but nothing will be added to the pockets of the civil servants who have made these journey because of the election. 

4. Insecurity Even In Lagos

Friday night was a different thing in Lagos. There were no police officers on some major roads. It was like a city that was not secure. Vehicle users became loose and one way driving became the order of the day. 

This situation opened up the damage that such withdrawal of police from the streets again could cause, since some criminals may have also noticed the absence of police on Friday, 15 February. 

Criminals can take advantage of the absence of the police to commit crime. 

5. Is INEC Chairman Under Pressure? 

While announcing the postponement, the Chairman of INEC said Governorship election scheduled to hold on Saturday 5th March, giving a wrong date.

He was reading from a book and that may have been a typo error. But the INEC chairman should know the date of these elections even when he is not looking at a paper. 

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This situation leave worries of whether INEC chairman is being put under severe pressure. 

6. Will There Be Another Mid-term? 

Now that students were at home because of the election, will there be another mid term for students. Are parents ready for this mid term. They should be ready, are they not their parents? Someone will say. 

But do you also consider the fact that the parents may have scheduled a business engagement that could also yield earnings.

Who will compensate them for that loss? 

7. Voter Apathy 

This loss that people may not see, could cause voter apathy and that will not go well for an election that messages have been sent out urging people to come out and vote. 

This situation will pass for a description of a state that has consistently failed its citizens and further impoverished them. 

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