Once upon a time, Nigerians were voted the happiest people in the world.

These days Boko Haram and recession won't let our country be great. Notwithstanding though, we're still a humourous people with an uncanny ability to make light of every situation and turn even the direst situation into a joke.

Indeed, we may have lost the title of World's Happiest People, but we certainly haven't lost our biting humour.

That said, for many people, Mondays can be a chore, dragging long and never lacking in one situation or the other to get through.

If this describes your situation, we've taken the liberty of sifting through some of the most hilarious tweets to get you through the first working day of the week.

Here are 7 hilarious tweets to get you through the long Monday stress.

On Nigerians and love

- On family dynamics

- On Nigerian girls and human ATM machines

- Celebrities aren't left out of the fun either

- Because even politicians are never spared from some jabbing

- Then there was Rochas Okorocha

- And ofcourse some Ghana/Nigerian banter to end things