About 62 Nigerians who voluntarily returned from Libya amidst resurfaced issues of slave trade are getting empowered.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the European Union are collaborating to train them on how to run micro-businesses and other skills.

At the opening of the four-day training that began on Monday were 25 males and 37 females.

The IOM Lagos Programme Coordinator in-charge of Migration Management, Abraham Tamrat, said the purpose of the training is to reintegrate the returnees into the society.

Reintegration, according to Tamrat, is a strategy to create decent work and alleviate the impact of irregular migration in Nigeria.

During the four days of the training funded by EU, in partnership with the Nigerian government, returnees would be trained on business skills and cooperatives.

"This training is part of the larger reintegration programmes; the first training is on business skills psychosocial support first aid training and a little bit of value chain cooperative and partnership.


"It is a training that is provided for each returnee; and it is to help prepare them for the reintegration support to their various communities," he said.

Tamrat said the trainers had plans for every returnee in terms of reintegration, with three major components for the exercise.

"The first one is the individual basis reintegration; the second one is the collective basis reintegration, where returnees work with other returnees in a group, and they also partner with potential migrants.

"The third one is the community basis reintegration; this is where we try to address the impact that such large scale of returnees might have on the communities,” he said.

According to him, there will be projects that are implemented to resolve some community-level problems, while creating jobs for returnees and unemployed youths.

He said that all these reintegration support were being implemented in collaboration with the government of Nigeria and Civil Society Organisations.

“For example, the training that we are providing here is being implemented along with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) and Patrotic Citizen Initiatives, working on reintegration aspects.

“The first training of this kind started in Benin City, and we had a previous one here in Lagos, while  there is another training in Abuja.

“Meanwhile, the major states we are focusing on are Lagos, Edo, Delta , Imo, Ogun and Abuja,”he said.

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The Executive Director, Patriotic Citizens Initiative, Osita Osemene, said one major training for the returnees is to repackage their thinking for the benefit of themselves and the country.

Osemene, who is also a returnee from Libya, said he is privileged to be given the duty of training other fellow returnees from the volatile North African country.