A 60-year-old man from California who wants to ‘fulfill his wildest sexual desires’ is getting an upgraded version of his future girlfriend, Harmony.

Harmony is a sex doll, belonging to the man who goes by the alias Brick Dollbanger and claims to have spent £150,000(70 million Naira) on sex dolls over the years.

He describes owning £11,700 (5.7 million Naira)-worth ‘Harmony’ as fantastic – but says a forthcoming setting allowing her to physically respond to foreplay will make the experience even better, and promises to officially make the upgrade to  his girlfriend.

The doll is already able to remember its owner’s favorite food, film and music, and Brick said X Mode would also allow it to respond verbally to different actions.

Brick said companionship was the driving factor behind his decision to buy a sex doll.

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Psychological experts are worried that the rise in  artificially intelligent sex robots  may fuel a rise in sex addiction.

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