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The love for alcohol has sent more than 60 Indonesians to their graves while dozens have been hospitalised.

They were victims of illegally homemade alcohol, authorities said Monday.

Police conducted raids in cities across the world’s biggest Muslim majority country to arrest vendors selling the cheap homebrew.

Most Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam and alcohol is available in big cities.

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But high taxes make it expensive so poorly paid workers sometimes turn to potentially dangerous homemade alcohol.

In 2016, 36 people died in Central Java after drinking locally-bought homebrew.

In the latest incidents, the numbers of deaths — including eight in Papua — has been rising over the past week, with the death toll standing at 62 on Monday, according to police and a hospital in West Java.

Seven people have been arrested for allegedly selling the bootleg alcohol, including a man in West Java who mixed mosquito repellent into his homemade concoction.

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