"We have been warning Nigerians to take caution about heat and fire, but many choose to overlook our statements.

"It is when the fire comes that they will begin to implement the fire brigade approach," an official of the fire service said.

Jane had made a few Christmas sales on Monday before going home.

With the excitement of the increasing sales, she woke up early, prepared and rushed down to her shop to catch early birds who will come for purchases.

She was stunned, when she saw smoke from afar, beaming from where her shop at Gowon Estate area of Lagos State once stood.

Jane tried to comport herself, but reality struck her when she got to her shop and found it in flames.

She could not salvage any of her wares, as she looks confused, with tears rolling down her chicks.


Another fire incident was also reported in Calabar, with people’s wares burnt and investments lost.

More of that will happen, except people take caution and heed to preventive measures.

This is the view of an official of the Lagos State Fire Service at Ilepo, who spoke anonymously to Bounce News.

burning wast dump triggered by heat
Waste dump burning near Ile Epo area of Lagos

She suggested a few things that shop owners could do to prevent fire outbreaks especially during harmattan. 

These best practices could help:

1.       Call an experienced electrician to look at your wiring system to be sure the right wires are used considering your work appliances.

2.       Make sure that the wires used are pure copper.

3.       Add appliances to stabiliser to help ensure that when there is a surge the stabiliser will serve as proof.

4.       Turn off circuit and all electrical appliances at the close of business each day, especially the air conditioning system and refrigerator.

5.       Ensure that you have Carbon dioxide extinguisher (CO2) and not the Dry Chemical Powder type if you sell items that are highly inflammable like clothes.

6.       Do NOT leave containers of Petrol inside your shop.

When fire occurs, the shop owners are not usually there. It' usually a hand full of first respondent including security guards that raise alarm.

The fire service stressed that ensuring that circuits are turned off is the best way to save your shop from the harmattan fire.

Citing an example with the waste dump just in front of their office which was on fire, the officer said heat is the major reason shops could get burnt now, considering the fact shops in Nigeria do not take proper care in their wiring system.

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