The human body knows how to show what you have fed it - garbage in, garbage out.

We are in a season of celebration and it is infectious, but if you must indulge a little, ensure that you go for these healthy foods.

Most food at this time will be full of ingredients and if one does not prone his/her choice, chances are that the individual will end up eating meals harmful to you.

Always remember that seasoning in food aids weight gain.

There is also little attention given to exercise at this time and this is the reason you have to watch what you eat.

Here are a few dishes to try this period and stay healthy.

healthy food to try at Christmas and New Year
Vegetable salad, lemon and fried beef (note that red meat is not recommended for adults with low exercise level)

Vegetable Salad

A good combination of vegetables - cabbage, carrot, onions, beetroot, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes and more - will aid digestion and give needed nutrients to the body.

Vegetable Sauce

Vegetable Sauce with all the vegetables mentioned above fried together with healthy oil like coconut or olive oil will give you a good taste that will remain in your memory as you enter 2018. This can be served with white rice and red kidney beans.

healthy food to try at Christmas and New Year
Red Kidney Beans Served with stew and vegetable

Ofada Rice

Local rice, the kind that is not so processed, is a good source of carbohydrate and the local ofada sauce (stew) is also a good combination to go with it.

Turmeric Sauce

A combination of turmeric, Irish potatoes, green pepper, carrot and a few other vegetables will be a nice sauce for rice at a period like this.

The nutritious value of such sauce is great. You can check out the nutritional value of turmeric to understand why you should make it part of your ingredients as often as you can.

vegetable sauce and rice
Turmeric sauce and fried rice

Red Rice and Sauce

This is one rice that you can decide to spend some money on just for its nutritional value and it will go very well with the sauce.

You can check out the nutritional value and also buy Red Rice at Ojanature online store.

healthy food to try at Christmas and New Year
White rice and vegetable sauce

Fruit Salad

This will be a nice one for after dinner snack. Fruit salad aids digestion of all that you have eaten for the day.

Taking a ball in the evening before you retire to bed also aids digestion. But be sure you are not allergic to lemon before you take it.