A car is increasingly becoming a necessity for humans.

Thank God for e-taxi services in Lagos that offer an opportunity for a nice ride to a meeting venue in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Most times, using a car comes with its own challenges and these require lots of tact to maneuver.

Here are a few steps to keeping that ride in top gear:

1.      Check your car tyres - to be sure they are still okay. Also inspect the spare. Sometimes spare tyres lose air and go flat if they are not used. The 'fufu' that Nigerian vulgarizers use to block out leakages dries up after a few weeks.

2.      Check your lights - Break lights and other signal lights must be functional to ensure your car does not constitute a hazard to other road users.

3.      Ensure that all emergency kits are in the car including a fire extinguisher.

car engine

A few others that you may not need to monitor daily are;

4.       Check water/coolant levels in the radiator - Make sure it is full. It is not supposed to go down except there is a fault somewhere.

5.       Check oil levels - engine oil, brake oil, gear oil and other fluid levels. If you service your car with the specified engine oil, you do not have so much to worry. Take note, however, that there are lots of adulterated oils are out there.

6.       When you insert your key to start the car and turn it, some lights appear on the dashboard and all of them are expected to go off few seconds after the engine comes on.

Those lights come up to signal that the electrical system could still read the fuses/switches controlling them.

If anyone fails to go off, then there is a problem.

One light that you are likely to see in Nigerian cars is the check engine light and that is a signal that a few things could be wrong – a fuse or switch may be bad, the catalyst in the exhaust pipe may be bad or the switch connecting the exhaust may be bad.

An expert in cars electrical system should know what to do.

If all lights go off after few seconds of starting the engine, then you have no cause to worry and are good to go.