President Muhammdu Buhari is expected back home to Nigeria on Saturday. His return according to Reuters was confirmed by two of his close aides.

The President has been away for close to 5 weeks on medical vacation in the United Kingdom (UK).

Buhari left Abuja on May 7 and handed over power to his Vice Yemi Osinbajo, seeking to allay concerns of a void at the helm of Nigeria’s affairs.

His return will end his second-long break on medical leave in Britain this year.

Below are the 6 things to be expected when President Buhari resumes as Commander-In-Chief.

1. Buhari writes to Senate

Buhari upon his return on Saturday, June 11; on Monday, June 15, he will send a letter to the National Assembly informing them of his return to the country.

Buhari's letter will formally notify the lawmakers of his return to the country. That makes his return to work formal, and constitutional.

2. Briefing from Osinbajo

Upon his return, the President is expected to convene a meeting between him and Osinbajo.

The Vice President is expected to brief Buhari on developments in the polity. The meeting will also focus on the economy, budget, North-east, and many other national issues.

3. The meetings and the shakeup

As expected the crucial and non-crucial meetings will continue, all aimed at making Nigeria great. A meeting with members of his cabinet is expected, even as there are reports of the conclusion of plans for a major overhaul of the Buhari administration.

4. Sign the 2017 Budget

One of his major assignments when he returns on Saturday is to sign the 2017 budget into law.

His absence has raised a lot of questions as to who would sign the budget. While some insist that Osinbajo, cannot or should not sign the budget in his absence, others have urged the Acting President to sign the document into law.

However, Osinbajo doused the misconception when he told Nigerians that he would sign the document into law as Acting President.

About 8 days after the speech, there are no clear indication that the budget would be signed into law by Osinbajo before Buhari’s arrival on Saturday.

The National Assembly on Thursday May 18, passed the N7.44 trillion 2017 Appropriation Bill after over 4 months since it was submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari to a joint session of the National Assembly.

Both chambers of the assembly raised the figure from N7.30 trillion presented by the president to N7.44 trillion. The National Assembly transmitted same to the President on Friday May 19 for assent.

5. Swear in new ministers

President Buhari is expected to swear in the two confirmed Ministers, Stephen Ocheni (Kogi) and Suleiman Hassan (Gombe).

Ocheni and Hassan were screened and confirmed by the Senate just three days after Buhari left but are yet to be sworn in.

Ministers are usually sworn in and assigned portfolios a week after their confirmation by the upper legislative chamber.

But almost five weeks after they were cleared, Osinbajo has refused to assigned portfolios to them, raising speculations that he has not been given the power to do so.

6. Swear in new Resident Electoral Commissioners

It is expected that President Buhari will swear in new Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Buhari had in March written to the Senate, requesting for the screening and subsequent confirmation of 27 RECs.

The Senate, however, stood down the confirmation for several weeks. Its grouse was the Executive’s handling of the refusal of the chamber to confirm Ibrahim Magu as chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The Senate has, however, confirmed the appointment of 15 RECs out of the 27.

Although, the "presidency" might accept it or not, the All Progressives Congress will hold within the next 4 months and it would be determined if the President will seek a 2nd term in office.