You may have called her 10 times over the last three minutes and she hasn't called back or cared to even send  a text. 

You stop by every hour during break to say 'hi' and ask her if she has had anything for lunch.

You even go as far as checking on her in the saloon when you get excited that she may be drifting away or having her attention divided.

Perhaps you feel you have some rights to her just because you are married or you 'make love' to her when she comes over occasionally.

That pretty girl (who you now take for granted) has her head in the clouds especially if she is as attractive as you think she is.

As long as others guys turn their heads to get a second glance each time she passes; it is still game on.

Most guys don't know when to back-off. They are so knee deep into the 'relationship project' (which they face squarely like an official assignment) and forget about reality. My point basically is this - she is a girl and you are a boy - just have fun - play the game right all the time.

She would always be there when you get some things right.

1. A great sense of humour

Have you ever wondered what exactly does your friend, Fred whisper that always makes the girls giggle suspiciously?

Why is that after the group interactions, at least one girl always asks you "please what's the name of the guy who made the joke about red roses and ties?"

Women love humour. Not street side jokes or silly talk but really intelligent and witty jabs. They think more spontaneously than men (it's a fact) but they also love to laugh all the time no matter what. See, you really can laugh your way into a girl's pants. 

Researchers from Northumbria University claim that humans perceive a good sense of humor as a sign of both intellect and social intelligence. 

So what if you aren't naturally funny? Well... you weren't born with the innate ability to make PowerPoint presentations neither could you drive a car from birth.

You learnt both skills. Develop a sense of humour by paying attention to the little details around you. Colours, clothes, books, fiction and reality - think outside your 'serious' box but always keep it simple.

Girls always remember those who make them laugh... always.

2. The right social value

No matter how conservative a pretty girl is, she would not feel dignified sitting in your apartment watching endless series, football matches or playing video games.

That's what she does at home. So, why make her do the same things even when you are around? Women (again I must add, no matter how born again or spirit filled) love to be on the arm of the guy who is the life of the party!

They hate it when your phone rings all the time abi? But they would hate you more when no one is competing with them for your attention. They love to have their man being the centre of the action and everyone (guys and girls) comes to him for either advice or information that solves their puzzles.

How to create social value for yourself? Stop going out and searching for attractive or sexy girls. Go out with the intention to meet new and interesting people. Cultivate friendships with people who add value to your life and add value to your social presence.

No matter how dumb the blonde, she can sense who pays the piper.

3. You are as cool as an unassuming cucumber.

Calm down. I say this almost everyday at work and when I meet my friends. Guys, calm down. Even when it seems you are in absolute control never rush - maintain a steady pace. 

Look at any archetypical alpha male character from a movie and the first thing that you’ll notice is that they seem to do everything extra slow. 

During general meetings, there is a reason your boss speaks slowly. It not because he is a slow talker - call him after work hours when he is home, you would notice the faster speech pace. People who are perceived to be in control speak slowly. 

They are never excited or quick to jump into conclusions or make hasty judgement. Even among your peers, there is this one guy that always has that edge. It's because he has learnt the act of calming down. No matter how heated the argument, when it is time to seek a resolution - the fellow who speaks the slowest has the most effect. Its not only about what you say but how you say it.

Being calm doesn't make you less assertive. Walk slowly not in slow motion but walk at a steady pace - trust me, the ladies are watching. They see everything - the pace at which you eat, chew, drink, talk etc. They are always watching. They always want the calm and clear opinion on matters.

4. Scarcity is a priceless asset

Accessible is located kilometers away from available. Be accessible but not always available. I will explain.

Do you remember the nylon of sweets your mum always kept away from you? It was always accessible but never available. You knew where she hid it but you don't go there to take it just because you could. You follow due process.

Before the recession, dollars were always accessible and most times available. But now it is still available but the process to access it has become a chapter in the course outline for Learning To Break Egusi 101.

As a guy that knows the kind of lady he wants, you must learn to follow the basic economic principle of demand and supply with a keen eye on profits maximised from scarcity.

The more you call her, the more she sees you, the more you text her and follow her on every single social media platform while congratulating your self for being a close marker; the more she drifts away.

Women love sweets but they don't take candies everyday. The more she thinks it's difficult to get your attention, the more attentive she will be when you give her access. When you call its not just small talk and jokes all the time but you talk business strategy once in a while and mix it up with how you are learning to cook Banga online; she will pick that phone when you call her.

Ehn! Don't call back after the second missed call. That's enough to let her know you tried to reach her. Don't even text. A missed call creates more anxiety than a text which already unravels your package.

5. An unforgettable scent

Stop wearing perfumes - Yes. I just said so. Guys please stop wearing perfumes. Before you purchase the next bottle read about the difference between Cologne and perfume. Google it! 

Buy a cologne that is worth its sort. You do not need to spend 50k on a bottle o. In this recession, no way. Just make sure you have the figures right based on what you earn. It wont be too much to spend 10-12 percent of monthly earnings on a great cologne - one good bottle will last for about 2 months or more. 

Your scent announces your arrival. It gives the first line of non-verbal communication even before you say 'hi'.  

'I think a fragrance is more of a signature than even what you wear - something you'll remember more down the road than a shirt.' - Ryan Reynolds

Women always remember scents after forgetting names and faces.

6. Be selfless, very selfless during sex

It could just be friends with benefits or the real deal of 'we are in love'; just make sure she gets an orgasim. Yes o! She must come. If she does she would ALWAYS pick that call no matter whatever time of the day or wherever she is.

Getting to achieve this constantly requires a lot of commitment and dedication. You cannot take from her and walk away after your premature ejaculation. 

You need to understand her demands and learn to put her first all the time. Not only in bed but in your life. Women know when they are important to you. 

The very little things count the most on their scale of value and importance.