Fashion is beautiful and some things have come to stay, but sometimes humans are exploited by their fellow human who offer them something they believe adds beauty to their looks. 

Eyelashes are some forms of beauty enhancers or extensions that ladies use, but with its use comes some health issues that everyone should know about before deciding to pay for them and add it to the eyes.

The use of artificial eyelashes has become an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world, as most ladies, regardless of the health implications, seek perfection and glamour. 

However, there is a warning about its use.

A medical practitioner, Dr Ayopo Adeyemi, on Sunday warned women against the use of artificial eyelashes, commonly used to enhance beauty, in view of its grievous consequences. 

Here are health issues that are associated with false eyelashes.

1.      Corneal Abrasions Or Ulcers

It is a form of trauma to the eye caused by direct contact or from a foreign body. Abrasions are from superficial scrapes.

Patients with corneal ulcers may also have a pus-like discharge from their eye.

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“Artificial eyelashes can cause trauma to the eye either through the glue and other materials used or unprofessional operators; there could be introduction of microbes into the eye causing conjunctivitis of all types," the doctor explained.

Antibiotic eye drops are usually prescribed for both corneal abrasions and corneal ulcers.

2.     Damage Of The Natural Eyelashes

The use of some form of gum to stick the false eyelashes usually result in the damage of the natural eyelashes at the point of its removal.

false eyelashes and medical implications.

“The use of harmful chemicals on the eyelashes can cause them to fall out quicker than they naturally would," Dr. Adeyemi said.

3.     Eye Sensitivity 

According to the doctor at the Mushin General Hospital, Lagos, false eyelashes would accommodate the dirt, thereby causing different forms of allergy and infections. 

"It is also dangerous when tools to be used come in close proximity to the eye," she emphasised.  

She further highlighted why ladies should just stick to their natural eyelashes. 

According to her, natural eyelashes had its natural way of;

1.      Preventing Dirt

The natural eyelashes prevent foreign materials from entering the eyes by trapping and keeping out anything that comes near.

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While the artificial eyelashes can cause allergic conjunctivitis trapping and retaining dirt around the eye, the natural eyelashes do not trap dirts.  

2.     Preventing Sweat,

3.     Preventing Bacteria From The Eyes

Dr. Adeyemi advised ladies to minimise the rate at which they fix false eyelashes if they must retain healthy natural ones.

Don't let enhances damage your eyes.