Sneezing and coughing are two conditions that people are with now and many do not know why these are happening to them.

Cold or flu is what people call it.

Sometimes it begins with the children and then it transfers to their parents and everyone in the family shares from it like it is a communions that Christians partake in.

There are a few reasons this flu attacks people so much in Nigeria. 

Flu or Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by a virus.

Flu is airborne and highly contagious. It is normally spread by the coughs and sneezes of an infected person. 

In Nigeria, however, there are reasons that the spread sometimes affects almost everyone. 

People complain of cough, catarrh and sore throat and those are the symptoms of flu.

Here are a few things that are causing this flu now. 

1. Change Of Season

Flu usually occurs when there is about to be a change of season.

We are about to move away from the rainy season to a period of dryness. 

dust haze harmattan weather forecast in Nigeria

This results in a change in the air we breathe which now brings dust and other things to our homes. Touch your tables and other household appliances and you will see. 

2. Dust And Waste Around Us

Dust is one thing that people around the world have not totally eliminated. 

Some countries have done their best and they are reaping the reward. 

In Nigeria, we 'eat' dust and breath dust. 

dust causing flu

In Lagos State, the case of the residents have been made more complicated, with the waste that has taking up streets, before and after the incumbent governor lost a second term bid. 

The heat from the sun is causing reactions to occur in those heaps of waste that send deadly bacteria into the air from the waste, forming a mix with the dust that is just everywhere. 

3. Bad Roads Around Us

Some persons may be wondering why there is dust everywhere in Lagos despite the activities of persons sweeping the major roads. 

There are either road construction activities happening somewhere near you or there are bad roads that motorists still use. 

The movement of vehicles, Keke [auto-rickshaw] and commercial motorcycles [Okada] through those bad roads whip up dust and this is sent into the air and are inhaled by people. 

Dust could carry in them airborne diseases that could make any individual whose immune system is low come down with cough and catarrh.

4. Poor Immune System

Eating healthy is one way to build our immune system, but some Nigerians in very busy cities are doing more of junk foods and processed sweetened carbonated drinks that are harmful and weaken immune system, a Health Coach, Lauren Osewezina, told Bounce News

"Most sweetened drinks contain processed sugar which does not add value to anybody's health at all except for those with extremely low sugar level, needing emergency measure to boost," Mrs Osewezina said. 

fruits and vegetables

Once the immune system is weak, the virus affects the individual negatively, she added. "If the foundation is weak, what can the righteous do," she said, quoting a scripture. 

5. Lack Of Planning

One thing that people hardly do is to plan ahead to guard against an ailment. "It is not my portion," many of them say even when they ignore to truth about eating and living healthy, which are also biblical. Ask Daniel.

Since flu is seasonal and airborne, it requires that individuals take time to study how it comes, plan and await its coming. 

Planning helps us overcome certain obstacles in life and we must apply it in every aspect of our lives, the health coach said. 

"There is an adage that a war that has been scheduled with a specific date of commencement does not kill a cripple.

"This should be the way we should see the seasonal changes and plan ahead of them," the Health Coach stressed.

6. Parents Not Doing Enough

Sometimes this flu comes from children, then to their parents and then to others in the family. 

They contract it from their peers in school and then take it home. 

Going by good practice, parents are supposed to keep their children that are down with flu at home to ensure that they would not transfer the virus to other children in school.

Education in Nigeria and students grade

But in a place like Lagos, parents want to hustle and as such could not stay at home with a child that is down with flu. 

They will take the child to school with a running nose and then the flu transfers to other students. 

What To Do

You may not trust the government to give you a great environment even though it is your right as a tax payer, but you can save yourself from the infectious virus by:

1. Disposing your waste properly.

2. Fortifying your immune system before the period seasons change by eating things that boost your immune system and that of your children. Fruits and vegetables help a lot to boost immune system.

3. Making sure you stay away from antibiotics for the treatment of a Virus infection. Using antibiotic for treatment of flu [virus] will not give you any result, except there is a bacterial infection that may have now been whipped up as a result of the flu.

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4. Being your neighbours keeper by treating your child before you take the child back to school.

5. Being less exposed to dusty environment. 

Natural Ways Of Treating Flu  

If you or your child already has cough and catarrh now, you may need to go the natural way to treat it and avoid using antibiotics, Mrs Osewezina suggested.  

She says a time like this is a period you will need to change the content of your tea.

"Parents could blend a small amount of ginger and garlic together, add honey to it and mix with warm water in a cup. 

"This should be taken as tea for at least three times in a day.

"It will help ward-off the cold and clear the sore throat that happens as a result of the flu," she further suggested.  

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