Rush hour begins in most office around the world at 5pm.

Most people pick their bags and walk out the front door of their offices to continue with their lives.

Ever wondered how you would feel with your daily performance if you owned the business?

Here are 5 silly habits that limit your level of productivity making you redundant within the ranks.

1. Your misuse of social media - It takes a considerable amount of time to regain concentration after being distracted.

Switching between your phone and your computer will make you momentarily destabilized and increase the time you spend on a regular task.

There is time for everything. Don't make the office your personal space - it is not your house - stop the endless Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram posts. They are really not that important. Most times you begin the conversation and end up having to explain every comment you make.

Try staying away and you will notice everyone else stays away during work hours.

2. Not having breakfast - Many people do not have breakfast because they leave home for work really early. This reduces the amount of glucose available to the brain and in turn affects how well you process information.

For many individuals it is something they have grown used to. However, others struggle through the hours before they have breakfast and toil through tasks they otherwise will have breezed through if they had something in their bowels.

3. Not moving around - Staying in your seat for too long puts the body in a state of rest. For those who do not have good seats at work, they slowly develop backaches which subtly affects their performance.

They might find it increasingly difficult to work and are oblivious of how their body is protesting to the wrong way they have positioned it for too long. Also, taking short breaks to move from your seat makes your blood flow better, sending the necessary endorphins in circulation to relieve stress.

4. Use of earphones - Now this works in two ways for different people. For some, the chatter and bubble of their work-place is a major distraction and it can be reduced using the right earphones to drown out the din.

For others, using earphones distracts them from concentrating fully on their job. So, find out where you belong and channel properly.

5. Lateness - Take it or leave it, this is one of the biggest reasons for poor output in many organizations.

Research has shown that those who arrive early easily find their rhythm and settle in to work quicker than those who arrive late or resume work late.

Stop comparing yourself with those who begin work while you are asleep. Focus on the time you have on your hands and let your productivity speak for you.

6. Chatting with colleagues - This can work in two ways as well. Chatting with colleagues makes it easier to get a third perspective on ideas and can result in better innovation.

However, it can also be a distraction if it takes too much time and borders on conversation which has nothing to do with the job.

Time is money, unnecessary conversation is wasting your company's time (and money).