The sack of Jose Mourinho continues to generate the biggest debates on social media.

Yes, that is how massive football is and when it’s a giant club like Manchester United, the interests and sentiments run deep.

While some Mourinho fans are busy pushing the narrative that he is the biggest winner with his 24 million pay, others just find the whole drama amusing.

Tons of jokes, memes, statistics and all sorts have been posted to make mockery of the exit of the ‘not so’ Special One.

Here we have compiled a few that caught our attention and made us laugh hard.

MAN U is the most consistent team.

One win in August.

One win in September

One win in October.

One win in November.

••••• its just like menstruation cycle!!!

>>> If they don't win in December know that they are pregnant!! ??????????????????????

Jose Mourinho at MUFC

Time in charge: 3 years

Money spent: £369m

Trophies won: 3

Best finish: 2nd

Hugs given: zero


Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool

Time in charge: 4 years

Money spent: £400M

Trophies won: 0

Best finish: 4th

Hugs given: 510,000,000

Status: HERO

This one was well circulated on WhatsApp:

Klopp vs Mourinho

Dotmound 3 : Madrid 1, Mourinho sacked a week later.

Liverpool 3: Chelsea 1, Mourinho sacked a week later.

Liverpool 3: Man U 1...Mourinho sacked 2 days after.

Klopp has led to the sack of Mourinho 3 consecutive times

Fear Klopp.  He is a witch??

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