Fireworks are a beauty to behold, but in Nigeria, the police will always warn people not to use them during Yuletide. 

Residents of some nation's look forward to December 31st crossover night and some of them just want to see what the fireworks will look like in the year. 

Innovations have continued to come in to make each year more beautiful and amazing.

Every year, nations with beautiful locations that have drawn tourists from around the world adorn those locations with fireworks that make news. 

The cross over of 2018 was not different in many of these cities. 

1. Sydney, Australia

In Sydney, Australia, Victoria Harbour came up in adorable lights at the midnight hour with every eyes that could see the location fastened on it.

It was a beauty to behold. 

Most of the fireworks shot up from the ground, with their reflection into the water creating a beautiful scene.

Sydney, Australia Fireworks

Sydney, Australia [Photo Credit AFP]

2. London Eye, Westminster Abbey, United Kingdom 

In the United Kingdom, London Eye is one monument that comes up in lights on the Eve of the New Year and the tradition was sustained.

Different shades of light come from the ring, grabbing and holding attention as they change from one colour to another. 

Fireworks light up London Eye

Photo Credit PA

Fireworks light up London Eye

Photo Credit AFP 

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

One place people usually visit during the Yuletide is the beach and it was not left out in Brazil.

Fireworks exploded over Copacabana Beach during the New Year's celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It looked really amazing. 

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro

Photo Credit AP

4. Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

From Asia comes this beautiful one.

Fireworks exploded at Victoria Harbour during New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, with cheers and shouts.

The year 2019 is hidden in the midst of the lights and only people who will look keenly could see it. 

hong kong fireworks

Photo Credit AFP 

5.  Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

Fireworks exploded at Chao Phraya River during New Year celebrations in Bangkok.

It looked more like a palm, as the glittering fireworks connect to other lights beneath to give it an exquisite shape that is good to behold.

It was a new year of lights, as they blast with different colours.  

Chao Phraya River during New Year celebrations in

Photo Credit AFP

6. Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

In the Netherlands, Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam was the centre of attraction.  

The bridge wore a different look with the red lights and smoke from fireworks making it look amazing. 

Fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, The

Photo Credit AFP

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