Martin did not grow up with a silver spoon. In fact he had no spoon when he was born.

His sole ambition was to give his own children a head start in life and some privileges he never enjoyed.

In search of a better life, he traveled out of the country to look for job to cater for his wife and household.

Leaving his wife back home with his father, the unthinkable happened, they started having sex.

Locals got to know about it and they were bent on lynching the old man.

According to, Hassan Chelimo from Kapkwata village in Uganda was roughed up and clobbered by enraged locals who accused him of having an affair with his daughter-in-law Asula Chellangati.

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Martin Mutai, Chemilo’s eldest son, had traveled to South Sudan to find a job, but his long absence left his wife feeling lonely and under the watchful eyes of his father.

Chelimo and Chellangati found themselves entangled in an affair during this time.

Confirming the incident, Sipi region police spokesperson, Rogers Taitika, said they came to the rescue of the suspect following a tip-off that he was about to be lynched by the mob over his abominable act.

In his defense, Chelimo told the police that Chellangati lured him into the relationship by sending him romantic bedtime messages such as “good night sweetheart”, and he could not help himself.

Martin has been informed of the incident and he is on his way home.

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