Jackson Riley took his joke about having a bomb in his bag way too far and it cost him a lifetime lesson.

He was sanctioned for telling his teacher at Great Valley Academy that he couldn’t take off his bag because he had a bomb inside.

The School officials then sent a letter home, saying Jackson violated a school code when he ‘intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation’.

When his parents Ian and Michelle Riley complained that the rule only applied to students in grades 4 to 12, the school sent a second letter saying Jackson had made ‘terrorist threats.’

The father, who is a radio host said, “He’s got an imagination. In his mind, he’s being this hero that’s preventing you from being exploded from an imaginary bomb in his backpack.

"We don’t want terrorist threats to be on his permanent record. The kid is 5.

“We think the administration acted far too harsh on a 5-year-old. We truly want to stress that our issue is with the administration and that we absolutely love and adore our children’s teacher. She has been amazing with our son.”


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