With the biting economic recession in Nigeria which has led to an increase in criminal activities, it is extremely important that citizens become very cautious about their surroundings as they go about their daily businesses.

Between rushing to get vehicles to navigate their destinations, many persons have fallen victims to armed robbers disguised as bus passengers, who go on to rob unsuspecting victims as the journey progresses.

This is popularly called ‘One Chance’.
Here are 5 ways to spot a ‘One Chance’ vehicle.

1. Buses you find in quiet or deserted areas

‘One Chance ' vehicles never get passengers from parks but from deserted or quite areas. Even if you have to rush out early in the morning and return late at night, make it a duty to move to places you’ll see other commuters.

2. Buses that take advantage of the rush hour

Take your time to observe buses that take advantage of people who are in a hurry. Observe the vehicle, the number plate and persons inside. The criminals usually take advantage of lack of available vehicles at crowded bus stops to perpetuate their criminal act.

3. Buses that offer cheaper  fares

Often, these criminals lure unsuspecting victims with cheap fares. If it’s cheaper than normal, don’t enter.

4. Buses that are privately owned

Be cautious before jumping into a privately-owned bus or car. If you must board that private car, note the number plate and send to a close relative.

 5. Buses with all-male passengers

When attempting to board a vehicle and the sitting passengers are all male, be very cautious. Some however, include one or two females.