How does it feel to work for years with a company and still make the first list whenever the company wants to retrench workers for under productivity and other performance related issues?

Some persons have worked in places where they were avoided like bullets at a time of retrenchment not because they play office politics or because they serve God faithfully, but because of their productivity and relevance which everyone in the company can attest to.

You can be that person if you will care to do what it takes to be relevant.

Here are 5 things you should do to become as relevant as possible.

1. Be punctual: Punctuality, they say, is the soul of business. Anyone that forms this habit creates an atmosphere around him that others respect because everyone knows what it takes to wake up early to prepare for work. Being the first in your office will make others respect you for that. Punctuality is one of the things that employers look at when they want to retrench.

2. Be dedicated to your job and don’t wait to be directed: Dedication to duty often requires that you push some things that may distract you aside and face your job once you are in the office. Productivity, sometimes, is a result of dedication to duty. Never do something that is not job related when you are supposed to work. Do not ever wait for your boss to direct you to do a thing that you are supposed to do before you do it.

3. Exceed you job description: Doing that extra work that will mean you have exceeded expectation puts every worker in the lime light. Employees who get commendation from the management of a company get it because they made extra effort, exceeding the required daily performance.

4. Learn new things about your job: One thing that makes a job tiring is when it becomes monotonous and productivity is bound to reduce, as can be explained by the economics law of diminishing utility. Learning new things about your job keeps your mind afresh and helps you enjoy your job. This will make you more productive and efficient.

5. Help others: One way to make people love you is to always add value to their life. Each time you help others do something they find hard to do, you endear yourself to them. Note that doing this is not playing office politics. Just help when the need arises and do it with joy.