Think You Know How To Use Google? 

You probably have learnt how to open a web browser and punch in a few words when Googling.

But there is more to asking Google. There are advanced techniques that will liberate you in your search for info hidden inside the web.

Here are some tricks you could employ to get exactly what you want.

1. Search Images Using Images: 

*An Image search of Bounce News logo turned up these results

If you want to know where an image comes from, you can do a Google search of the image just the way you search for texts.

You have to go to the search box, click on the camera icon.

Google will bring out a box asking you to drag the image into the box or upload the image file directly.

Once you upload the image, Google does a quick search and provides you the best guesses for the origin of the photo, its size or what it’s all about, including related articles and pages.

2. Use Quotes To Search For An Exact Phrase: This one is pretty simple. Imagine you are searching for an article on Bounce News that you forgot to save.

Just search a phrase you can remember from the article enclosed in a quote.

A phrase in quotes will yield only pages with the same words in the same order as what’s in the quote.

3. Use “DEFINE:” To Learn The Meaning Of Words, Including Slangs:

*The Definition feature of Google

With Google, you can do away with the bulky Advanced Learners’ Dictionary.

Instead of conducting a blanket search of a word, streamline the dictionary process by using “DEFINE:”.

For the sake of this, I typed in the Google search box, “DEFINE: hanky-panky” and the definition of the word popped up, including examples and synonyms.

But that is not all, Google will even sift the web to define slang words or acronyms such as SMH, BAE.

You can try out “DEFINE: bae” or “DEFINE: OMG”.

4. Use The Plus or Minus Sign To Include or Exclude Results Containing Certain Words:

If you happen to be searching for something and the results generated aren’t of interest to you, you can eliminate some specific unrelated terms.

For example, “Nigerian vegetables -water leaf” will give you all the results containing list of Nigerian vegetables without water leaf.

So, is the same for a search for Nigerian vegetables+okro. It will generate results of list of Nigerian vegetables including Okro. It’s that simple.

5. Use The Mic Icon On Google’s Search Bar To Get A Love Quote:

Let's say you are feeling a bit romantic this minute and would want to send your partner that heart-melting text, you can literally ask Google for a suitable romantic quote.

All you have to do is tap the microphone icon on the search bar and say “give me a love quote”.

The love quote generator is a feature released by Google in 2016 for those in need of a little something, something.

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