So there you are minding your business when you meet someone whom you think is 'the one'.

The conversations are great, the sex even better, you're going to all these fun places together and generally having the time of your life. Then one day, just as suddenly as it began, everything comes to a crashing halt. That guy who seemed to be the perfect gentleman has quickly become the perfect stranger. No calls, no texts, just memories of what was and a heart that now feels heavier than a bag of beans.

If you've ever been in such a situation, we know exactly what you're going through and we've got just the right tips to help you through this grieving moment.

First off, for the uninitiated, a 'Yoruba demon' can be described as someone (whether Igbo, Yoruba or Chinese) who is typically charming and has an uncanny gift of making women fall in love with him, after which he dumps them and moves to the next prey. In very simple terms, a 'Yoruba demon' is a player.

So what do you do when you've fallen into the trap of a Yoruba demon? These 5 tips will help you recover and move on quickly.

Accept it

Before you can move on, you will need to physically, mentally, and emotionally accept that you fell for someone who wanted nothing more than a fling. When the day comes that you accept what has happened, you’ll feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders as well as from your mind. There’s a reason acceptance is always the first step.

Cut ties completely

Once the 'relationship' ends, it’s only wise to cut contact with the person ASAP because temptation will be there. To check up on this person on social media will put you back into the same circle of hurt and disappointment. Remove the number from your phone’s contact list, block the person on all your social networks and allow yourself to move on.

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Never ask why

When a relationship ends it can be tempting, to get some feedback on what went wrong? But don’t do it, simply because you might not get the clarity you’re looking for. Even if you do get an answer, the response is not likely to be one that you want to hear, or the one that will make you feel any better.

Cry it out

Even after talking about it, writing about it, and blocking this person, sometimes there is nothing that helps more than a good cry. Crying allows you to release every single emotion that has been building up inside of you. You’re able to release all of those bad emotions and put yourself in a better position to move on from all of this.

Give yourself time

Even if the fling didn’t last for months, there was still time, energy, emotions, and effort put into it. So you can’t expect to feel better the day after you the 'Yoruba demon' goes MIA (Missing In Action). Instead, allow yourself time to feel sad, mad, and any other emotions. Time heals all wounds, so don’t short change yourself when it comes to healing and moving on completely.

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