Returning to school after summer holiday could be both exciting and saddening for children.

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to clear of their doubts and preconceived notions that school is boring.

Parents have a lot to do to get them set to return and a teacher, Mrs Mary Makanjuola, suggested a few things that they can do to help their children get in the mood.

Mrs Makanjuola, also referred to as Aunt May teaches phonics and elocution in Toydam Children School. She suggests that parents should do the under listed to prepare their children for resumption.

1.       Periodically remind your children they are resuming school soon and give them the specific day. 

2.       Discuss school with them. Don't shy away from this responsibility. There is a lot more to school than just paying school fees. Remind them of a teacher they like so much and tell them the teacher will be looking forward to seeing them.

Talk to them about their friends they have missed and how eager he/she will be to see them.

3.       Gist about school work more often than before - visit the school and request for subject outlines. Engage the child on his weaknesses observed from previous term. Tell them things to expect - New classroom, new class teacher, mates and more.

4.       Talk a walk or drive to the school days before resumption and take them to their class if possible showing them some beautiful things about their school. This will make them familiar with the learning environment once again.

5.       Get some new school materials - Bags, uniform, shoes, lunch box/bag, bottle and supplements.  New materials have a way of making them excited about school, while they look forward to resuming with them, Mrs Makanjuola said.

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The instructor believes these keep children excited and ensure they do not become nervous before school resumption.

Seeing that their parents are involved in their resumption process makes children happy, she added.