It is Christmas and making the best of the day is one thing that makes it interesting.

If you are in Lagos, it is time to unwind and treat yourself to an excitement that the city offers at a time like this.

There are lots of nice places in Nigeria's commercial city that you can chill and have great fun.

One thing that the state prides itself of is its ability to combine all kinds of life experiences for any one that wants an excellent life.

Here are great places to visit on Christmas.

1. See A Stage Drama

Seeing a stage drama at Terra Kulture or Muson Centre will not be a bad idea. The environment at the two locations is serene and the drama helps you relax and laugh. It works like medicine. 

Christmas visit to Terra Kulture for stage drama

These two locations have a good reputation when it comes to stage drama, both traditional and contemporary.

There is a wide range of stage drama to see at this centres this Christmas and you should visit them. 

Very few people visit Terra Culture without wanting to see the art gallery. It is a place of colour that leaves you happy and excited after the experience.

2.  Go Karting

You must have seen images of people in this small four-wheeled vehicles. It is a motorsports called Karting and it is usually a fun to ride.

Kirting this Christmas will be fun. You do not need to have driving experience to enjoy it. In fact it is more fun when you cannot drive. 

Get Arena is one place you can find these Karts and it is at Ozumba Mbadiwe Road on the Island.

Kirting At Bet Arena

It is opposite the Lagos Oriental Hotel and on the road to the The Palms Shopping Mall. Go Kirting and have fun.

3. Escape To An Island

Yes! It is an escape indeed from the hustles and bustles of Lagos to a serene environment - an Island. 

One of such places is Tarkwa Bay and if you go with Bae, you will enjoy two things at a swoop. 

Chilling at Tarkwa Bay will be a nice idea this Ch

You will first get a boat ride from the Boni Camp area of Lagos and that is just one frightening, yet exciting adventure that is worth taking on Christmas.

Don't be scared, a life-jacket will be provided for you to enjoy your ride and feel safe. 

4. Take A Boat Cruise 

Boat cruises are interesting and they offer you the opportunity to reminisce on how the world rests on water and how exciting moving around Lagos could be if its aquatic resource are explored. 

The LagosParty Cruise will be fun at Christmas

You can go for the LagosParty cruise on the Island area of Lagos State or take other small seed boat cruises to escape from the heat in town and feel the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. 

5. Ikeja Mall Is Awesome For A Movie

Going to Ikaja City Mall has a way of awakening excitement inside you, as you will see a lot of things that will make your desire for nice things increase. 

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You can also do a little window shopping and have fun inside shops that are at the Mall.

After a period of walking around the mall, you can see a movie.

Ikeja city mall for Christmas movie

The cinema will give lovers time to curdle and be together, with the dark auditorium providing the needed shield from the prying eyes of others.

Just cuddle, don't attempt to get intimate there

For this Christmas season, you can see God's Calling or Chief Daddy this Christmas.

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