The story of how Nathaniel Peters and his friend robbed night crawlers in Lagos must have sent shivers down some people’s spines.

But there is no need to worry if the right precautions are taken.

The suspected robber was arrested in the early hours of Saturday, February 10 around Ikeja on his way from a nightclub where he had gone to rob clubbers.

He confessed to men of the Police’ Rapid Response Squad and from his revelations, one can easily deduce that you mostly become their prey by your own excesses.

WARNING! Read This If You Like Clubbing In Lagos

So, from his exact words we highlight ways to avoid being their victim.

1. Do Not Get Drunk!

Peters said: “We start operation around 3:30 when club activities are winding down and clubbers are beginning to dose off. We rob those standing alone, sleeping in car and those that are drunk.”

Too much of anything is bad. No matter how cheap the drink is for you, or how generous your friend is, you do not have to consume everything you see at the club.

The suspected robber, at a point, revealed that “When clubbers are drunk, they hardly feel our hands removing their valuables from their pockets and bodies”.

Try to maintain your sanity through the night. In any case, the night is more fun when you can keep memories of it.

2. Don't Be A Loud Spender

Now, check out the way this suspected robber was dressed at the time he was arrested, he would easily have passed for another innocent clubber like you.

Chances are that he went into to the club to party like you but with both eyes scanning the place for the big spenders.

When you go to club, even if you are the one paying all the bills, keep it coded!

Your friends already know you are the man and will hail you for it on Monday. Other clubbers do not need to know.

An armed robber might just be in that VIP with you, waiting for you to fall prey.

3. Must You Even Drive?

Since all the robbers do is wait for you to sleep off in your car after the party, must you go in your car?

One of the major reasons why people sleep in their cars is probably because they are too drunk or too tired and sleepy to drive.

Now, in a city where there are many cab hailing companies, why not go in a taxi and call another taxi to take you home?

At least, these are registered taxi services and calling one is easier than driving.

But if you are so drunk that you still cannot operate that app on your phone, then you do not this article, you need a rehab.

4. Stay In There

When you ask guys why they stay at the club after the groove, another reason they give is that their estate gate does not open until 5am.

So, getting a taxi cannot help you in this case, but here is the catch. You can remain within the club till its time to go home.

If you cannot afford a decent and safe hotel, this may be your best bet.

Lagosians can relate with community laws like this and its for our own good. So, work around it.

5. Leave Valuables At Home

If all of these tips fail you and you still fall into their hands, its better to reduce your risk by leaving items like your laptop, expensive phones and other valuables out of your trip.

Yes, you wish to party after work but if it’s going to be one of those crazy nights, sometimes it’s safer to go home first and drop all the valuables.

Hear word, be wise!


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