Life is sweet but a little foreign body in an individuals system could cause a lot of harm or even lead to death.

Most health issues come from small errors and unhealthy habits and here are a few you should avoid.

1. Keeping your toothbrush somewhere that is not safe from rodents. Rodents are pesky creatures that squeeze themselves into uninvited areas, including atop toothbrushes, like the wall gecko pictured below, for instance. It doesn't help that they're usually carriers of all manners of disease-causing bacteria/virus. So one must be very mindful of where personal hygiene items like toothbrushes are kept.

wall gecko leaking toothbrush

2. Eating food without examining it properly. It's not unheard of to crack open a chicken bone and find blood or even maggots oozing out like the photo below. One must always take the time to thoroughly examine food consumed, especially if the food wasn't prepared by you.

Meat with maggot at a party.

3. One thing that you must give attention to before you use it is a cup. Sometimes, spiders find their way into cups and make their webs there. If you do not want to drink spider web or the spider itself, always rise your cups before you use them.

4. Eating utensils are vital to humans and making sure you rinse your spoon, knife and other utensils is a good habit to cultivate. Cockroaches or other rodents can climb them if they are not kept in a safe place.

5. Leaving unfinished can food in the steel can for later use.  Once you open a can food, especially those in steel cans, ensure that you finish it. There is a tendency that the can will begin to rust due to the fact that it has been exposed to air and that rust could become a foreign body in your system if swallowed by mistake. If you cannot finish the entire content, pour it out into a plaster container and save it in a refrigerator.

Nigeria has a poorly funded health sector and that leaves everyone at risk of getting poor service at these hospitals so the best thing to do is to stay away from things that could cause illness.

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