Photo credit: Naturally Curly

For the record, black (relaxed) hair can grow to great lengths, it just needs extra special care.

For long, there's been a general misconception in these parts that black (Nigerian) hair doesn't grow to long, luscious lengths.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What's true is that with the right care and habits, we can all have beautiful, long hair. Relaxed hair, in particular, can be tricky to grow to long lengths without proper care.

That said, here are 5 unhealthy habits that could be hindering your hair from growing as long as it should.

1.Relaxing the tip of your hair

The tip of the hair is fragile and nothing could be more damaging than relaxing it because what happens over time is that it gets weak and as you comb through, it breaks. So tell your hair stylist to refrain from constantly applying relaxer to the tip of your hair.

2. Not trimming you hair periodically

It is highly recommended that you trim the tip of your hair every so often to avoid hair breakage. This is because if you don't trim your hair periodically, you'll simply be lugging around weak hair and you'll find your hair shedding when you comb it. The best time to get a trim is after a touch-up, be sure to give the hair a good trim to make way for better growth.

3. Fixing right after relaxing your hair

Ladies, it's imperative that you let your hair breathe every so often, and one of the most damaging things you can do is go straight from a touch-up to fixing or worse, braiding the hair. This is a big no-no. Allow the hair some breathing room

4. Combing your hair while wet

The hair is at a vulnerable state when it is wet, and combing it drags at your hair follicles and weakens it. So your better off just running your hands through till its damp. 

5. Applying heat tools to your hair

Go easy on heating tools like hair straighteners and tongs as constant use over time weakens the hair.

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