US President Donald Trump makes a lot of goofs, whether he's tweeting strange new words or threatening fierce foe, Kim Jung-Un.

He's also been known to peddle half-truths as facts, all of which have led to raised questions about his sanity. 

Following the release of the explosive book "Fire and Fury" by journalist, Michael Wolff, Trump's sanity has more than ever, come under scrutiny.

In the wake of all of the questions that have come to light over Donald Trump's person, we take a look at 5 times Donald Trump goofed to the embarrassment of all.

1. When Melania had to remind him to put his hand on his heart for the national anthem

At last year’s White House Easter Egg Roll (which almost didn’t happen because of Trump's team), cameras caught 'Second Lady' Melania Trump nudging her husband as the Star Spangled Banner began. It’s interesting that someone who has spent so much time calling himself the “America First” president needed an immigrant to remind him to stand right for the national anthem.

2. When he forgot which country he was bombing

During an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, the two discussed the moment the latter decided to strike Syria. (“I will tell you,” Trump told Bartiromo, “only because you’ve treated me so good for so long.” Trump went into a spiel about the dessert he was sharing with Chinese president Xi Jinping, a “beautiful piece of chocolate cake” he recalled in detail down the molecular structure. Where the bombs were going, though, had slipped his mind.

“So what happened is, I said [to President Xi], ‘We’ve just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq,’” Trump said.

3. When he forgot Paul Ryan’s name

At an event in Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, Trump attempted to name check the Speaker of the House—a guy he’d thrown under Jeanine Pirro’s bus just weeks before. Perhaps confused by the fact that Sen. Ron Johnson was also in the room, Trump proceeded to call Ryan the wrong name twice.

“I said, Ron, make sure these [NATO] countries start paying their bills a little bit more,” Trump said, referring to a man whose name is definitely Paul.

“They’re way, way behind, Ron,” Trump continued, speaking to the guy whose name is still, without question, Paul.

Trump then looked toward the real Ron Johnson in the audience and added, “I’m going to talk to you about that too, Ron.”

4. When he confused Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un

Appearing on “Fox & Friends”, Trump talked about all the ways his predecessors had been played for suckers by the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

“They've been talking with this gentleman for a long time,” Trump said. “You read Clinton's book, he said, 'Oh, we made such a great peace deal,' and it was a joke. You look at different things over the years, with President Obama. Everybody's been outplayed. They've all been outplayed by this gentleman.”

5. When he quoted an Irish proverb that was actually Nigerian

With Irish prime minister Enda Kenny on St. Patrick’s day, Trump recited the first thing that came up when some lazy staffer Googled “Irish proverbs.”

"As we stand together with our Irish friends, I'm reminded of that proverb—and this is a good one,” Trump said. “This is one I like. I've heard it for many, many years and I love it. 'Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue. But never forget to remember those that have stuck by you.'"

Except that proverb is very likely the work of a Nigerian poet, Albasheer Adam Alhassan.