So, Nigeria has officially joined the race for electric vehicles with its first electric rickshaw, aka keke.

News of the electric rickshaw has been making the rounds over the past few weeks.

Here are 5 things we know about the latest invention.

1. The electric keke was invested by a man named Ifeanyi Namdi Okafor. He is from Achara Umuchu in Aguata LGA of Anambra State.

Okafor holds a first degree in Archaeology and Tourism from University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Up until his invention, he was an Aba based businessmen specializing in keke fleet management.

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2. Mr. Okafor is also working on an electric motorcycle and bicycle. Through research, he was able to figure out how to power the rickshaw with battery and solar energy. He is now also applying the same technology to power motorcycles and electric bicycles.

So, there will soon be electric Okada.

3. Okafor’s Keke is entirely environmental friendly. The electric Keke does not have any silencer, because there is no combustion engine. In fact, it does not have any engine. Instead it has six batteries, four at the back under the passenger’s seat, and two at the front under the driver’s seat.

4. The six batteries will be able to power the Keke for 120km before it runs down. It also has an indicator to tell when to charge the battery and when the battery is full just like your phone.

In addition, there are variants of the keke.  There will be one battery, two batteries, just any battery specification you want, up to ten batteries.

5. The tricycle runs at 50km/ph which is the speed limit for now; to avoid accidents on the road. Compared to the petrol-powered keke of 56km/ph.

The electric-keke dashboard includes infotainment, speedometer and shows battery consumption level. There is also a music player to keep you company.

On Friday, August 24, the electric keke will be on public display in Enyimba city in Aba.

Bounce News will bring you more details, including a test ride of the first electric rickshaw fully built in Nigeria.

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