Is your love relationship shifting away from sweet and intuitive to boring and predictable?

Take advantage of the weather for two or mood for 20 toes and get your spark back.

The idea that you guys have been married for 5 years or being dating for longer isn't an excuse to put out the flame that one held you spell bound.

She isn't getting younger and he may have lost most of his hair but you still have the same zeal and positive attitudes that attracted you to each other.

Rather than complaining endlessly maximise the cool (sometimes cold) weather conditions during and after the rains.

Here are 5 things you could do to rejuvenate your love life:

1. Have Sex

With the busy Lagos hustle, most couples that have paid jobs (9am-5pm) or classes to attend from (8am-6pm); sex becomes a sort of time table affair.

It's usually pre-arranged unconsciously and they hardly ever maximise the opportunity to have great sex (or make love).

The rain itself suspends and limits our activities. All outdoor engagements and meetings are put on hold until after the downpour.

So, why not use the opportunity to get busy between the sheets especially if you are hoping to conceive a child. 

It's not medically proven but there is a popular myth of sex during the rains most likely resulting in pregnancy.

Even if its a lie; it costs you nothing to try it out.

2. Watch A Movie Neither Of You Has Seen

It's a good way to get your partner talking.

We often focus on conversations about the children, talk about challenges and limitations and we hardly ever have time to talk about our reality.

You both may still be in school and hardly have time to talk about non-academic matters.

Watching a movie while it's raining drains out all distractions. The sound of the rain water on roofs and windows keeps our minds focused solely on what happens inside that room.

You can learn about your partners changing perception on social issues or just listen to him or her talk about themselves is quite enlightening. 

3. Play A Game

It could a video game, a board game or truth or dare. It's your partner so there is really nothing to hide (or is there?)

A game help encourage both of you to keep alive your competitive edge over other people.

You will remember the reasons you felt so attracted before you got into the relationship and cherish the thought of preserving the love you share.

You will realise that games were built for rainy days like this- they will pass the time until the sun shines once again.  

4. Cook Something New

There must be one meal you both day dream about. That meal you always wished you could make but there is never enough time on your hands.

Don't look outside. It's raining. Check out what ingredients you have to work with and find a recipe or two you want to try together. 

You can enjoy eating it afterwards- that is- if your meal is a success. If not- try again- you have nothing but time and an excuse to stay inside.

5. Sort Out Your Drawers

Every 'real' couple has a stash of books or heap of clothes or other items that they never got around to sorting out.

Some come from holidays, your wedding, your engagement, fancy parties and sometimes his clothes in your drawer or her clothes taking up about 4 drawers of the total 5.

Use this as an excuse to put them in some sort of discernible order.

At least it would reduce the fights you have while dressing up and rushing out to work in the mornings.