Forget about the glitz and glamour that you see on television or on the screen at a cinema.

There are things that happen behind the scenes that movie fans never get to see. People who want to become actors or actresses are never told these bitter truths until they get first-hand experiences.

Show runner, producer and director, Sanchez Aghahowa shared with Bounce News some of never shared stories.

1.There would always be difficult stars and crew members

Sanchez says whether a film or TV star comes by recommendation or audition, sometimes he or she can turn out to be a ‘total nightmare’ while on set.

"When the actor is a total nightmare to work with, the feeling you feel in film is that you have just got to tough it out for a few weeks.

"It’s not just actors, sometimes some crew me members are difficult to work with, but for TV you are going to be on set for like 6 months to one year” he told Bounce News.

"Now that is a stretch, it is a whole new meaning, it is a whole new paradigm. So, I kind of have a policy for my smaller shows where I would rather hire character and train skill.

"I fight very hard to keep negative energy off my set, I do not care how talented you are. Sometimes, one or two people’s negativity can poison the whole set,” he added.

2. The same hard work is required for good and bad films

Sanchez explains that despite the reception a film receives when it is released, the film was made through hard work.

“How you enjoy the shoot has nothing to do with how it turns out. It takes as much hard work to make a bad film or TV series, as it is to make a good one.

"The same way that you can make a film for 100 million Naira and somebody can spend 200,000 Naira, and he has the chance to make more money than you in the cinema.

"After all it is the same ticket price you will pay at the cinemas,” he said.

3. The budget can finish in the middle of shoot

The writer for Tinsel, and show runner for popular TV series, Hush, Jemeji and Hotel Majestic, warns aspiring film makers, that sometimes the budget would finish smack in the middle of shooting.

It would only take an understanding cast and crew to keep the production afloat.

"There was a show, that I was making. I would not mention names and we went over budget in the middle of shoot, and a few spectacular actors, came and said that they would continue to act until there was money.”

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4. Everybody wants their dues

He says that some times you would have to shoot a film or series, and ‘human elements’ provide the risk factor during production.

He complained of how Agebros will threaten to beat them up.

“In Nigeria you can be shooting in a village, and randomly a masquerade walks through your set and ask you to pay your dues.What do you do?” he said.

5. Film stars can abandon you in the middle of shooting

“One of the most outlandish things, an actress who was on set disappeared in the middle of shoot,” he said looking disheartened.

“We had one day left, she said she was coming, and never came back. That was the day I officially became a producer, I had to make some big judgement call about the production.That was fun," he added.

“You will meet great people and people who are less than exemplary while filming".

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