When former President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat to incumbent Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, his name was engraved forever in the sands of time as the first incumbent to do so.

Even though his administration had its good and bad times, Nigerians will never forget in a hurry the peculiarities of his personality and administration.

Here are some things Nigerians miss their Goodluck.

1.  His Signature Outfit & The Wave Of Glory 

President Jonathan is widely known and accepted for his signature native attire which he rocks at formal and informal events. 

He appeared most times on the scene with a smile and a wave to go with it.

He kept both hands open in a sign that he had nothing to hide and he truly was a Man of the People until 2014.

2. Luck Personified

Jonathan is one of the luckiest human beings on planet earth.

His ascension to the highest office in Nigeria can be said to have come on platter of gold. 

He rode to power, (from deputy governor to governor and from vice president to president) on the back of ethnic sentiments, emotional sentiments, luck and serendipity.

3. Mama Peace

Former First Lady Patience Jonathan was a handful. She has had more effect on the Nigerian polity than her husband the president (I stand corrected).

Every Nigerian knows that Patience Jonathan is no coward.

Her speeches are always filled with courage; more courage than President Goodluck Jonathan could muster most times. 

If you doubt her courage, ask EFCC.

4. His Truthful (Almost Insensitive) Statements: 

When the Chibok girls were abducted under his watch, he publicly acknowledged ignorance of the situation even three weeks into the abduction.

He was shockingly candid. He often says the media knows more than he does.

5. Pedestrian Responses

Jonathan on CNN once said Nigerians are pleased with the power supply and even challenged Amanpour to ask the ordinary man on the streets of Lagos, Abuja and other cities.

Meanwhile, most of the people who followed the interview watched it using a generator and majority couldn’t because they had no light.

He tried to explain the difference between corruption and stealing. He said, “People have been confusing corruption with stealing. If public officers steal money they term it under corruption….”

And one extra…

Mr. President wouldn’t dare allow the media chat end without throwing a parting shot at the suspended CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. While addressing the issue of ‘missing’ $20 billion he said, “If Sanusi hadn’t been suspended he would have come up with a different figure… If anyone steals $50 billion or $20 billion anywhere America will know, they will tell you where it is; it is their money.”


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