One thing most men look forward to is when they will have their own children and Sunday, June 18, set aside as Fathers’ Day, is one day that most fathers want to share with their family.

Although not so celebrated like the Mothers' Day or Children's Day,m Fathers' Day is unique on its own.

Fathers play very crucial role in any home since they are the head of the family, from providing financial cover to being the spiritual head.

Fathers' Day is a day to celebrate but if you are married and have no kids yet, just wait for them for they will come.

While you wait, however, there are a few things you should expect.

It is exciting and interesting to have kids but with it comes responsibilities.

One thing that happens when a man gets married is that he shifts focus away from himself and begins to give priority to the love of his life, his wife, but everything also changes when he begins to have children.

Here are a few things to expect when the children begin to come.

1.       The man excitedly loses sleep the very first night the child arrives and subsequently for up to three months in some cases. This is because the baby stays awake most part of the night.

2.       Priority naturally gets rearranged again. It becomes Children – Wife - Father. A father happily accepts this rearrangement except he does not want to take responsibility for upbringing of the kids.

3.       Responsibility increases by one. The new dad begins to think of diaper which is not so cheap in Nigeria. A baby uses an average of 7 diapers each day for the first few months.

4.       After a woman gives birth, body pains and other aches follow that will require regular massage in some cases. So when she says she feels pains, just perform your duty as a masseur.

5.        Be ready to babysit when the need arises because it also helps in bonding between father and children. 

It is important that persons looking forward to having their kids should prepare their minds for the task ahead.

The UNICEF has highlighted that the first few years of a child's life could have profound impact on his or her future. The UN agency says a father has a huge role to play to make the child's future a great one.

This demand was part of the remarks by UNICEF at a gathering on June 12 held to push an initiative that will make fathers be more involved in their children's early life.

The Acting Deputy Representative of UNICEF, David Duncan, told a gathering in Accra, Ghana, on Monday that the involvement of fathers was crucial in a child’s life.

“Studies show that children with involved nurturing and caring fathers have better educational outcomes and higher IQs, better linguistic and cognitive capacities, and are more confident, motivated and disciplined.

“When loved, well-nourished and cared for in a safe and stimulating environment, children have the chance to develop the skills they need to embrace opportunities and contribute positively to their communities.

“Just by spending quality time with your son or daughter – reading, playing, eating, and laughing together – you can play such a vital role in your child’s life,” Duncan said.

As part of the campaign to encourage dads to play critical roles in children’s early development, UNICEF has launched the Super Dads initiative to celebrate fatherhood.