It is three days since a building collapsed in Ita Faji area of Lagos State and while the affected persons are still trying to find solace and move on, another set of persons may have been devastated.

Tuesday, March 12, is one day that people in the area will not forget. It was the last time some parents will tell their children bye after dropping them off in school. 

The sad reality is facing them and there are six things that could have pointed finger to the fate of the building and which should have also been a reason to stay away from the storey building doomed for destruction.

1. The Age Of The Building

The building which housed a primary school in its third floor has been standing on that ground for 30 years and that is as far as the residents can remember. 

This dates back to 1989 and considering the poor maintenance culture of Nigerians and the fact people like to cut corners here, that building must be in a terrible state. 

This should have served as a sign to anyone who would want to take children to the school. But very little attention was paid to the nature of the building and how long it has been in existence. 

2. Building Was Marked For Demolition 

After the building came down, the residents of the area said the building was marked for demolition and that it was obvious. 

A warning has been issued for occupants to leave the building but no one listened, one of the residents said. 

If you live in Lagos, you must have seen marks on buildings and how bold those marks usually are. This was yet another sign to people who bring their children to that building, but that was not considered. 

With the building housing a school, one wonders if the parents were ever aware that the building was marked for demolition.  

Now the negligence has resulted in mourning and more pains for people. 

3. Government Always Late 

Back in the days, in Abibu Oki Street in Lagos Island, there was this Transformer adjacent to a Tantalizers Eatery on that street that was left unprotected with a building or even a fence.

The day the transformer exploded and killed someone, was when the government came and made a fence around it. 

Ita Faji building collapsed on March 12

The collapsed building In Ita Faji, Lagos Island area of Lagos State

This was far back as 2004.

The same thing has been seen in the case of the ill-fated building that was marked without enforcement of the demolition.

People will lose their homes and suffer the pains of relocation, but that would be temporary compared to the pains of losing a loved one to a building. 

4. Number Of Deaths And Survivors 

The number of deaths recorded in the collapse has been put at 20 by the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, said 20 persons were brought to the hospital already dead. 

He also said 45 persons survived the incident. 

It was a death that could have been avoided, people have said, but much blame has come to the authorities in charge of reviewing buildings - the standardisation agencies. 

Those who survived the incident are already in need of blood and the Red Cross has sought the support of the public in this regard

5. Some Persons Broke Bones

The Commissioner also told reporters at the General Hospital in Lagos Island that some of the victims were taken to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi and that is a hospital that specialises in taking care of bones, just in case you don't know. 

Some of the victims will spend time in bed waiting for the bone to heal and that will mean a set back to the individual, yet another circumstance that should have been avoided had the agencies in charge of standardisation done the right thing. 

6. Demolition Of Buildings Follow

There is an adage in Delta State that when a big tree is falling, it takes other smaller trees along its path with it and the collapsed building is beginning to draw other buildings down. 

Collapsed buildings in Ita Faji Lagos Island

The government is acting late, but it is better late than never, people say. 

Buildings standing in the Lagos Island area that failed standardisation test are coming down already.   

The Lagos State government has set an axe to their base and they are all coming bening demolished. 

People have been forcefully ejected with short notice, but people are not taking side with the owners of the building who will lose investments that are already tagged death traps. 

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