Professional. Brilliant. James Bond-Looking.

These are some adjectives that admirers and critics of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire have used to describe former show host, Frank Edoho.

His poise was something worthy of admiration and it engraved his mannerisms in the head and hearts of millions of Nigerians. 

Frank is a great presenter and he did an amazing job for 13 years while the show lasted.

If it was ever to come back do you think it would be the same without him?

But behind his presentation skill are five great habits that people who want to rise to the top in their filed could also learn. 

1. Reading

Those who read are leaders. Frank says reading has become his lifestyle and that it is part of what has helped him lead from our screens.

“I devoted my time to reading just anything at some point in my life. Even encyclopedia, I read it like it was for an examination,” he told Bounce News.

The man, who studied Animal Science, has become a great broadcaster with a voice and brain that many people envy. 

2. His Phone Is A Library

His reading habit has now received a boost with technology driving everything he does.

Frank carries his books everywhere he goes. Thanks to smart phones which he described as the greatest weapon of all time that man has made.

Since he began hosting the show, Frank has shook the hands of just very few persons that made the 10 million Naira mark. 

Most of us would not dare to go that far because we do not even dare to read a book from start to finish.

Frank Edoho shares some of his life secrets

He said his phone had become a library for him and that he had converted his ‘dead time’ to periods of reading and improving.

“Each time you are in a bus, read a book that will add value to what you do. Study everywhere. That helps you develop a skill that people will envy,” he said.

3. Practice What You Preach

Practice brings about improvement and Frank Edoho knows this. So, he says he takes time to learn and practice what he has learnt to make sure it sticks.


Sharing a story about how he test-drove a car without money in his account to buy the car, he said; "Sometimes people’s lack of belief in the ability of God to change things make them remain in one place.

"Visualising things before they come and believing that we have them would bring it into our hands", he said.

He further narrated how he got the role in the Who Want To Be A Millionaire show and how faith in God and the knowledge he had acquired from reading played a role in getting the job.

"Being prepared makes every opportunity a golden memory or just another chapter of experience added to your mental library."


Frank has a new body and it is as a result of exercise routine that he has developed.

He says anyone that wants to remain active and do well in his field must find a way to add physical exercising into his or her daily routine.

Frank Edoho shares some of his life secrets

He does above one hundred push-ups daily and he said it has helped him stay healthy and mentally alert.

Don't try doing it all at once - like Frank act smart break it up into sets of 20 or 40.

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