It's Friday!

Finally, this long week has come to an end. At the very moment you thought you've had enough the curtains are being lowered.

Regardless of how annoying your lectures, lecturers and classmates were, it's time to let you hair down and allow your thoughts run wild even if it's just for tonight.

Sex is great. We know it even if we feel weird talking about it openly in class but it really feels good (sometimes).

Here are 5 reasons you should get laid tonight especially if you live in a busy metropolis like Lagos.

1. It's a great sort of exercise

If you are not one of those who wake up at about 5am to take that long run within the school campus, then this would serve as a ready substitute.

Research has shown that sexual activity is a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise that burns around 3 calories per minute in women. 

Sex can help strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. It's simply a WIN-WIN!

2. It could help you get really 'HIGH'

The idea of mixing strange substances, an act that has earned you the name Science Student' is very dangerous to your health and could cost you your life.

Rather than depend on Codiene, Tramadol and the others to take you there; just grab your partner and get down between the sheets.

Great sex itself is a drug. It brings deeper emotional healing by purging the body of anxiety, anger, regret and aggression.

Relax one moment and think about that big decision you were about to make before you had sex.

After the intense session did it really look so much like a big deal? The answer most likely is 'NO'.

3. It's an effective stress-buster

Lagos na wa! The hustle is real on campus and off campus, the battle for survival is real. 

While we focus on squaring up against our peers in class academically and hoping to be the centre of attention by looking stunning; we must remember there is time for everything.

It's Friday. Suddenly, the minutes begin to slow down from 4pm and the more you stair at your phone shifting from one social app to the other - the messages in your inbox just seem to have dried up.

It's time to chill. Sexual activity boosts the production of feel-good hormones and endorphins, which can ease stress and improve your mood. Stop the crankiness and smile a little.

4. Sex keeps you connected

The idea of staying alone and hiding within the confines of your room has it's good and bad sides. But it remains your choice whether or not to mingle.

Feeling warm and fuzzy has a bigger effect on your mentality than you might realize. 

Loneliness is a known risk factor for heart disease, while social support (including intimate relationships) is literally good for the heart.

If you intend to hit random partners and run away you might actually be doing more damage than good to yourself.

It's important to enjoy a feeling of connection with someone you love. It does wonders to your health, your sense of responsibility and keeps you in line. 

If you are a serial randomist that jumps in bed with just anything or anyone; then I advise you take a 15 minutes jog down the road- it's safer and cheaper for you.

5. You will sleep deeper and longer

According to a recent Australian study, 64% of people reported sleeping better after an orgasm—and better sleep, in turn, may translate to much more energetic days ahead of you.

Having sex with your partner clears your plugs like a blocked car engine when serviced.

In case you do not know, Poor sleep has been closely connected with elevated blood pressure, obesity, and higher risk of heart disease. That's according to Chris Brantner, a certified sleep science coach.

You can't pay for good sleep no matter how much you offer.

Sex is best enjoyed with your partner with whom you have agreed to remain faithful.

You either stick to one person, use a condom or abstain totally from sexual intercourse.

Don't ruin your life, make the right choice.