Do people look offended when you speak especially when you move closer to them?

Do you feel people hold their breaths while you speak? It could mouth odour o!

Bad breath turns many people off and in some cases, persons that have it never knew they do, except someone tells them.

Save yourself the trouble of depending on others to tell you and get embarrassed by applying the advice of a dentist, Dr Broderick Ijehon. He says you can take care for your mouth and possibly overcome that bad breath.

He is the Head of the Dental Department, Dutse General Hospital, in Jigawa state.

Here are some reasons your breathe stinks:

1. You do not brush twice daily. Brushing twice helps to fight acid attacks and generally increase the oral health.

2. You do not follow the principle of brushing after breakfast and before you go to bed.

3. You do not use tooth paste that contains fluoride in it for as it makes teeth strong.

4. You fail to see a dentist at least twice a year, that is, every six months for proper examination and advice concerning oral health.

The dentist added that food particles, if left in the mouth, make bacteria to produce acid which could destroy the teeth over time and also cause bad odour.

He explained that acid production occurs within seconds of bacteria contact with food particles left in the mouth.