Kiss Daniel is happy to go toe-toe with his former record label in any legal battle.

He unceremoniously ended his contract with G-Worldwide, and has been dragged to court by the label for breach of contract.

Here are five reasons Kiss Daniel, who has launched his own label called Flyboy INC, is confident that he has the ‘Odeshi’ to deflect any of G-Worldwide’s accusations.

1. He found a loophole in G-Worldwide’s  ‘airtight’ contract, by unwrapping one clause to undo the agreement- the termination clause.

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The clause allows either party to end the contract at anytime, if the contract is breached and no remedy is reached within 14 days of the breach.

According to Kiss Daniel's lawyers, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited failed and refused to cure and remedy the breach within the stipulated time, and Kiss Daniel complied with the termination clause by waving goodbye as he walked out the door of the label.

2.The  lawyers also say that the case between G-World wide and Kiss Daniel,is actually one of an artiste insisting that the contract signed by the parties be obeyed, and enforced- He did not just abandon the contract as speculated on many online platforms.

3.  The failure of G-Worldwide Entertainment to allow external auditors appointed by Kiss Daniel’s lawyers to have access to all the books and accounts, in respect of Kiss Daniel’s project, as provided by the contract between the parties, led to Kiss Daniel evoking the termination clause.

4. G-Worldwide is accused of never contributing financially towards the recording of all songs in Kiss Daniel’s , “Evolution” album, thereby failing in their duties as a record label.

5.    The label  is also accused of  paying Kiss Daniel only 30,000 Naira and later 50,000 Naira every month for about two years, despite Kiss Daniel’s performing at several shows and making millions of Naira for the label, which does not help their case,  once it can be proven.

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