I chose to write this in response to Mourinho's post-match interview on Monday night where he said he has won more premier league trophies than all the other 19 managers put together - quite irrational and baseless bearing in mind that Sarri and Emery just joined the contest.

Manchester United is enduring very hard times as rightly foreseen by club manager, Jose Mourinho.

During pre-season campaigns in the United States, Mourinho talked about how difficult the season would be if he did not get the signings he required from club executive, Ed Woodword.

The transfer window came to an end and it's being 3 points from 3 games from the formerly ruthless Red Devils.

Here are four reasons Jose Mourinho should be allowed to walk away before he destroys what's left of Glory Glory Man United.

1. Dis-united in and out

Mourinho's often vindictive and attacking attitude is hunting him once again. From Inter To Chelsea and Real Madrid, the special one continues to make enemies.

Some footballers are like multi-millionaire children with egos the size of the Mediterranean.

It takes more than a shelf full of trophies to connect with them and get them to deliver consistently. They need mentors and guardians not dictators.

Over the last year, Jose has bad-mouthed Henrikh Mkhitaryan (sold), Luke Shaw, Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba.

Pogba especially is a world cup hero and is still the star boy of Manchester United. For commercial reasons alone, neither the Glazers nor Woodword will be willing to see him walk away from Old Trafford.

Mourinho must learn from his face-offs with John Terry and Iker Cacillas that distracted team leaders usually rob off their errors on their comrades.

2. Lack of belief in youth projects 

While preparing for the trip to America, Jose refused to extend invitations to some youth players that need to be carried along to learn a few lessons.

He even bemoaned the need to take a group of promising youngsters on tour with him this summer and immediately excluded them from his plans by saying they “are not my players”.

Why did no one tell him "Yes, Jose. They are not your players, they are Manchester United players and this is Manchester United Football Club not Jose Mourinho FC".

There are no longer great football talents across the world. So why not build our own from within. Why always thinking of immediate gratification and sacrifice the youth system?

When last did Real Madrid buy any footballer worth over 100 million dollars since Zinedine Zidane took over?

Three champions league trophies down the line, Ronaldo is gone and the youth system still feeds the first team with unlimited talent.

Uncle Mourinho, hear word!!!

3. Exhausted fans

It takes about two hours to travel to the city centre from Old Trafford on match days and some people spend longer hours to watch their stars.

The grounds have been reduced to playing turfs for opposition teams with several painful defeats piling up under Jose's watch.

Sevilla came and walked away victorious in the Champions League. That left a sore taste in many mouths.

Monday night's walk out by the fans before the final whistle says a lot. Yes, there were a handful of people that stayed behind to show some support for the team but for how long will this nonsense display prevail?

3-0 against Tottenham - a horrible defeat in over 50 years would leave the faithful asking if this team still has what it takes to dig deep and fight back even when they are down.

The fans still cheered on at 2-0 but the lads could not respond to the demands for better performance and just score a goal.

4. Strategy, Tactics And Goals

Is it just me or is there this 'machine-like' way Manchester United now play football. I support getting results after 90 minutes compared to showing off flair and dribbles.

But when you try a particular approach for a long time and it fails, is it not best to try something else?

When Manchester City plays, you can sense the players are free to move on and off the ball within their own skins.

Aguero, Mendy, Silva, Bernado Silva, Sterling and Co. look happy and very united.

Their runs off the ball are well timed, there is discipline and grit when trying to recover possession and they do not second-guess one another regardless of what the scoreline is.

At least on three occasions on Monday, Valencia, Pogba and Lindelof were forced to make school boy errors because their teammates refused to come for the ball or help out in tight spots.

Why is Pogba leg-cuffed and forced to shoot from ridiculous distnaces away from goal?

Why is Lukaku so predictable each time he gets the ball?

Why are Sanchez, Lingard and Fred running around the pitch like headless chics?

Why is De Gea hitting every ball out of the goal area just for hitting sake and not building from behind with a short pass to the defenders?

Why is Manchester United playing like the Super Eagles of Nigeria?

Uncle Mourinho no one cares if you won startegy or tactics battles in your mind. All we want is victory and humans wearing our 80 Pounds jersey (which translates to 40,000 naira). 

5. No longer the 'Special One'

All the while Mourinho's approach to matches has drawn as many groans as cheers. 

The decision to send out his side in an ultra-defensive style for the home derby against Manchester City last term lost him any credibility with some fans, while others can’t wait to see the back of him after two years of safety-first football.

His frequent run-ins with opposition managers and officials, his eye-gouge of the late Tito Vilanova, the way he had fallen out with, and lost the respect of, his players at Real Madrid and Chelsea… there were many examples to cite when building a case as to why Mourinho’s sheen of invincibility might have worn off.

I understand that his coming to United could have been more commercially driven by Woodword who is focused on making money for the club which he has done beautifully, but at what cost to what happens on the pitch?

“Playing performance doesn’t really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial size of the business,” Woodword explained in a call with shareholders earlier this year and that sort of attitude has done little to win him friends among the fan base. 

One group of supporters has even paid for a plane to be flown over Turf Moor when United face Burnley next Sunday displaying the message “Ed Out – LUHG” (Love United, Hate Glazer).

Whether not United improves, that team as it is presently constituted is deeply divided.

It is only common sense to let the manager go than add to the recurrent expenditure by signing more players that are not guaranteed to succeed.