Each time you hear the tune you either bump your head or sing along especially the part with "30 billion in the account o".

The song has topped the chart for weeks and has led to the creation of many covers.

Here are 5 more reason David’s ‘If’ cant keep people from the dance floors according to versions created by his fans.

1. Chioma Nwibe Adaeze a  6th  year medical student at Kharkov medical university, Ukraine, does the lyrics more justice than Davido, but kills it totally.

2. Shanga and Bisi of am bis pm add a lot of soul into the song. And it would just pass as a romantic date night song.

3. Mani Keny’s version  could also be called an Omawunmi version of Davido’s song adding some vocal acrobatics inbetween.

4. Demola’s Violin cover totally gives the song a Jazz feel to show that the song can be done with an orchestra.

5. . Divastellz’s French cover makes one see the song in a new light, as it is sang in another language.