Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, is a melting pot brewing with socio-economic activities.  The fast-developing mega-city is home to about 20 million people.

From the men and women who work in offices located in high rise building to traders in their stalls in open markets to the shoemaker at the street corner; the opportunities for social and financial engagements seem endless.

However, there are unforeseen incidents including accidents, illegal acts and cases of violence. Here are 5 numbers that can literally save your life when the unexpected occurs.

112 – Lagos Rescue Unit

When there is a fire outbreak, road accident or any situation that requires an emergency, don’t hesitate to dial this number. It’s toll-free and the respondents are quite pro-active.

This number is primarily attached to the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA). It consists of the Lagos State Fire Service, the Lagos State Ambulance Service and the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency. 

08163019351 - Office of the Citizens' Mediation Centre

Wherever people reside, disputes usually occur. Sometimes between landlord and tenant, employer and employee; husband and wife.

A rise in the number of such cases puts immense pressure on the courts. This led the state government to explore the mediation route. The CMC saves citizens the cost of litigation, by resolving civil disputes privately.

Its services are FREE and its offices are located across most Local Council Areas: Alausa, Agege, Amukoko, Bariga, Iba, Ibeju-Lekki, Ikorodu, Ikotun, Onikan, Yaba and Badagry.

In 2015, a total number of 34,511 new cases were received; 20,966 were mediated; 19, 464 matters were resolved; 3, 622 matters were adjourned while 1,351 matters were unresolved.

08137960048 - Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team

Cases of domestic and sexual violence have been on the rise across the country. To curb such incidents in the state, the government has increased awareness campaigns against the scourge by providing legal, and medical assistance to victims.

DSVRT also ensures the victims’ safety and prosecution of offenders.

09033739369 - Police Public Relations Officer

This is quite straight forward. There are good, hardworking and respectful police officers in Lagos state. Unfortunately, there are also a few ‘rotten’ eggs in the basket!

If a police man harasses you, asks you for bribe, unlawfully seizes your property or threatens to shoot you, please call the Public relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus. She loves her job. If she doesn’t pick just send her a text.

07080601080 - Office Of The Public Defender

Lagos state through the office of the public defender provides legal representation and advice to citizen; so next time you have any legal issues you can call this toll FREE number.

The Office of the Public Defender was created to promote respect for rights and freedoms, the law and constitution and to ensure that residents in Lagos State irrespective of social status, sex, tribe or religion have access to affordable justice.

If I were you, I would save these numbers on my phone RIGHT NOW!