The rainy season is here and it seems August will not retain its usual break.

The rain could be inhospitable to some because of the cold that it brings, as some people are prone to suffer flu and pneumonia.

But the advent of the rain brings with it opportunities to earn cool cash for those in business.

So, here are 6 items that you can earn loads of cash by selling during this season.

1. Umbrella:

This is a no brainer. It goes without saying. In fact, umbrellas are seasonal products.

While demand remains sluggish throughout almost all the year, demand spikes during the rainy season.

Movie ticket

For now, umbrellas are the only means of protecting oneself from the rain when once you step out of the comfort of your abode.

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2. Rain Coats:

Just imagine that your work requires that you stand on the road like the traffic officials, how would you cope without a rain coat?

Besides public workers like traffic wardens, police, etc, people who desperately need it are farmers, traders, commercial motorcycle operators, etc.

Rain coat is more so in demand because it helps people fight off cold while letting the rains drop fall off.

That is why it is one of the hottest items in demand during the rainy season.

3. Wiper Blades:

This item only has its market where there lots of car owners. If you live in a city or town, where there are many car owners, it suddenly becomes a money spinner when the rains come.

During the dry season, car owners hardly use their wiper blades and so, they always forget how bad it has become.

But once the rains come down and their wiper blades are not working well to secure them clear vision while driving, or scraping directly on their windscreens, they are always in desperate need to lay hands on new wiper blades.

4. Sweatshirt:

This is also known as sweater. During the rainy season, the cold is constant.

So, people do many things to defend themselves and prevent the cold from getting into their body system. For many, the first step towards preventing cold is getting a sweater.

In this temperate climate, sweatshirts that were simply fashion items that very few cared about suddenly become high in demand.

You can make million importing from China or being a distributor for the importers.

5. Long Stockings:

A pair of regular cotton stocking cost around 200 naira in the market.

But long stockings, that type everyone wears to keep the cold off, is sold at a premium price, around 800-naira a pair.

If you decide to sell stockings, you will never lack patronage during rainy season.

This is not only because Nigeria has hundreds of millions of legs but because people hardly wash stockings, they’d rather buy a new pair once it starts to smell.

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