The quest for glowing skin is a never-ending struggle.

Some folks, however, have it better than others.

In recent times, skin care has dominated conversations in the beauty and fashion circles, and specifically, attention is shifting to natural skin care.

Owing to their organic nature, natural skin care products now get a preference over their non-natural counterparts, and the best part is they're cheaper and very readily available.

So, are you on the quest for flawless skin on a budget, or even at a loss on how to go about it?

Your kitchen may be a good place to start, and here are some of the items you should be looking out for.

1. Turmeric: the new holy grail of skin care, turmeric has dominated conversations in the beauty circle lately owing to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help fight pimples and breakouts. What's even better is, asides being great for the skin, it's a great food spice. Turmeric can be used as a face mask, simply mix with honey or lemon and apply all over the face for beautiful fresh skin.

2. Honey: the legendary Cleopatra, last ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt was known to bathe in milk and honey as far back as the time before Before Christ. That's how much of an ancient beauty remedy honey is. Honey also has anti-bacterial qualities which also makes it great for fighting acne. Asides this, it contains anti-oxidants that are great for unclogging pores. Honey can be used alone as a mask or mixed with lemon, turmeric or even oatmeal.

3. Lemon: this can be found in a number of beauty products so it makes sense that lemon, in its natural form, is excellent for skin care. Lemon contains vitamin C which is great for toning. It is however important that you use a sunscreen when working with lemon.

4. Tomatoes: surprise, surprise tomatoes are great for the skin. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and C which are great for fighting acne and toning. They also help balance the natural PH of the skin, controlling excess oil in the process. Simply chop them up and rub all over your already-washed face. Leave for NOT more than 15 minutes and wash off for clear, glowing skin. You can also mix with honey or lemon juice.


5. Sugar:this can make for an excellent face scrub. Mixed with honey or oatmeal and use on face to get rid of dull skin.

When using natural products, it's important that you're consistent and patient to see results. It's not enough to try them once and stop, you must continually use for at least a month to begin to see desired results.