What's a modern-day female without her trusty make-up bag?

The transforming power of make-up is certain, and a scroll through the social media pages of any make-up artist is enough to make a believer of anyone in doubt.

But with so many items to select from, deciding what works and more importantly, which to invest in can be tiring.

That's about to become a thing of the past for you, Bounce reader, as we run through 5 must-have items every stylish gal must have in their make-up bag.

Check them out.

1. Foundation: it's not called foundation for nothing. Foundation, in the right shade and cover, can transform the most blemished face creating a smooth surface. Truly, no make-up bag is complete without foundation and while we're all for black don't crack, it's still important to shield the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, particularly in Nigeria. So we highly recommend getting foundation with SPF so you come out looking flawless and protected.

2. Brow pencil: well-defined brows make all the difference in a lady's face. If you doubt this, try shaving off all your eye brow hair and go around for a week (okay, maybe not). The point is the wonders well-shaped brows can do is enormous which is why a brow pencil comes next on our list of must-have items. Another great thing about brow pencils is that they can double as lip liner which make them an absolute must-have. Be sure to get one in the right shade though - not with a red or black undertone, just a nice warm brown.

3. Eye shadow: this lands on the next spot of our list because of its multi-functionality. Eye shadows can double as lip wear, blush, contour kit even eye liner! With the right eye shadow palette you're quite covered as far as make-up is concerned.

4. Lip-stick: but of course, what's a standard make-up bag without a functional lipstick? With a swipe of the right lipstick shade you can transform from dull-faced to party ready in an instant.

5.Eye liner: because the eyes are the window to the soul and they need to be framed in style. Glide on some eye-liner to instantly add life to dull eyes.